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ScaleBase is a database software company located in Newton, Massachusetts, that works with next-gen apps to scale out relational databases by virtualizing a distributed database environment. The company serves enterprise clients, online gaming companies, digital media and social network providers.


Scalebase was founded in 2009 by Doron Levari. Ram Metser, formerly CEO of Guardium, a database security company acquired by IBM in 2009, was named as CEO in October of 2012.

To date, ScaleBase has received almost $15 million in venture capital through two rounds of funding. In 2012, the company closed a Series B round of $10.5 million from Bain Capital Ventures, Ascent Venture Partners and its original investor, Cedar Fund.[1][2]


The company ScaleBase, provides two technology offerings:

  1. ScaleBase
  2. Analysis Genie


ScaleBase software (core product, released in August of 2011) enables apps to cost-effectively scale out to an infinite number of users with no disruption to the existing application infrastructure.[3]

ScaleBase is a distributed database cluster that uses MySQL and InnoDB storage.[4] This capability provides the scalability and availability benefits of distributed database while retaining relational database characteristics.

  • Two-Phase commit and roll-back
  • ACID compliance
  • SQL query model, including cross-node joins and aggregations

ScaleBase data distribution is policy-based and transparent. That is, ScaleBase provides visibility and control of the variables that impact the data distribution policy.[5]

ScaleBase software is available on Amazon Web Services (EC2, RDS), Rackspace and IBM Cloud.

Analysis Genie

Analysis Genie is a complimentary SaaS tool that analyzes schema and queries. Its purpose is to suggest a data distribution policy that is uniquely tuned for individual application requirements and database workloads.


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