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Scaleform Corporation
Type Subsidiary of Autodesk
Industry Computer and video games
Game Middleware
Game development tool
Founded Laurel, Maryland, U.S. (2004)
Founder(s) Brendan Iribe, Michael Antonov
Headquarters Greenbelt, Maryland, U.S.
Owner(s) Autodesk, Inc.
Employees 30
Website Scaleform at

Scaleform Corporation is a developer providing middleware for use in the video game industry. Their most recent software, Scaleform GFx, is a vector graphics rendering engine used to display Adobe Flash-based user interfaces, HUDs, and animated textures for games[1] for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, as well as Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3,[2] PS Vita,[3] 3DS,[3] Wii,[3] Wii U,[4] Windows Phone,[5] iOS,[3] and Android[3] platforms. On March 1, 2011, Autodesk announced it has acquired the company.[6]


Scaleform GFx[edit]

Scaleform GFx contains several core systems: a vector-to-triangle tessellation engine with a patent-pending, edge anti-aliasing algorithm that uses subpixel triangles to smooth the edges; mesh cache to manage tessellated triangle data; vector-graphic based font system that uses a single texture to dynamically cache glyphs on demand; optimized ActionScript 3[7] and ActionScript 2 virtual machines with garbage collection; memory and performance analyzers; audio support via a wrapper with FMOD, Wwise and other audio engines; and XML and CSS support.

The Scaleform GFx SDK includes:

  • Scaleform 3Di[8] - 3D interface rendering system that can be used to tilt and rotate any 2D Flash element in 3D space including changing the Z and X/Y rotation. Adds stereoscopic 3D UI support to give the appearance that they're floating.
  • Scaleform CLIK (Common Lightweight Interface Kit) - easily customizable Flash UI component framework, including buttons, list boxes, drop down menus, sliders, trees and windows, designed by
  • Scaleform UI Kits - prebuilt customizable Flash-based UI templates for high-performance HUD, front end Menu and Multiplayer Lobby that are used to get started quickly.
  • Scaleform AMP (Analyzer for Memory and Performance) - profiler tool used to analyze memory and performance of Flash content inside a game or 3D application while running on PC, console or mobiles. AMP gives detailed stats for CPU usage, rendering, and memory, and includes a complete ActionScript profiler with function and per-line timing.

Other products[edit]

In addition to Scaleform GFx, the company provides two add-on modules:

  • Scaleform Video - fully integrated video codec for Flash Video workflow support (currently powered by CRI Movie).
  • Scaleform IME - fully integrated Input Method Editor (IME) for Asian chat support.

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