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Scanch (すかんち) is a rock band that formed in Japan. The members of Scanch met and formed the band in 1982 - while they were still in high school. The band started with Rolly, Shima-chang, Obata Pump and Dr. Tanaka as members.

By the year 1990, they had their debut carried out from CBS/Sony. Dr. Tanaka left the band in 1993 and as a new keyboardist for the band they got Ogawa Bunmei. The remaining members continued the band until 1996.

The band was greatly inspired by Led Zeppelin, Queen and other 1970s style music. After the band broke up, the lead singer, Rolly, has been very successful in his solo career. Shima-chang took part in a band called "Funny Honey Pie". Bunmei has also formed a band of his own called "Suzy Cream Cheese".

Scanch has also lent their songs "Bomber Love" and "Koi no T.K.O." to the anime "K.O. Beast".



  • Ultra Operation of Love Affair For All the Young Boys and Girls (1990)
  • Ultra Romantic Bombers For Unlimited Lovers in the World (1991)
  • A Case of Rosy Murder For Miracle Lovers Only (1992)
  • Opera (1993)
  • Sweets (1994)
  • Gold (1994)
  • Double Double Chocolate (1995)
  • Historic Grammar (1996)
  • Scanch'n Roll Show (1998)
  • Star Box Extra (2001)
  • The Best of Scanch (2005)
  • Scanch'n Roll Show II (2006)


  • Love's T.K.O. (1990)
  • Love's $1,000,000 Man (1990)
  • Love's Romantic Boogie (1991)
  • Magic Love Potion (1991)
  • Miracle Summer of Love (1992)
  • My Beloved Mary-lou (1992)
  • You You You (1993)
  • Love Is The Last Fairy Tale (1994)
  • Liar's Paradise (1994)
  • It Always Rains in December (1994)
  • Letter Man (1995)
  • Pechika (1995)
  • If It Were Christmas Everyday (1995)

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