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The Scania 3-series bus range was introduced by Scania in 1988 and was superseded by the 4-series bus range.[1]

The series contains the following models: F93, K93, F113, K113, L113, N113 and S113.

Model designation (3-series)[edit]

The model designation breakdown is as follows:

Main type
Engine series
  • 9: DN9 or DS9 series engine
  • 11: DS11 or DSC11 series engine
Development code
  • 3: third generation
Chassis type
  • A: chassis for articulated bus
  • C: chassis for single-decker, two-axle bus
  • D: chassis for double-decker bus
  • N: F-chassis for heavy-duty execution
  • T: chassis for single-decker or double-decker bus with trailing axle
Steering wheel location
  • L: left hand drive
  • R: right hand drive
Axle/suspension configuration
  • A: K-chassis: independent front suspension
  • B: K-chassis: rigid front axle, N-chassis: independent front suspension
  • L: N-chassis: rigid front axle

So K113TLA is a LHD tri-axle coach with independent front suspension, while L113CRL is a RHD two-axle citybus.

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