Scarborough Centre Bus Terminal

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Scarborough Centre
Bus Terminal
Scarborough Centre Bus Terminal.jpg
Station statistics
Line(s) GO Transit logo.svg GO buses
Can-ar Coach Service Can-ar Coach Service
Coach Canada Coach Canada
Greyhound Canada Greyhound Canada
Megabus (North America) Megabus
Connections BSicon ICTS.svg TTC - Line 3 - Scarborough RT line.svg Scarborough Centre (TTC)
Structure type Waiting room
Other information
Opened 1985
Station code GO Transit: SCAR

Scarborough Centre Bus Terminal (also known as Scarborough Town Centre Bus Terminal or Scarborough Bus Terminal) is an intercity bus terminal in Scarborough, Toronto located at its namesake subway station. It is primarily served by GO Transit buses running along the Lakeshore East and Highway 407/York University corridors, with longer distance connections outside the Greater Toronto Area by Greyhound, Coach Canada, Megabus and Can-ar, and additional casino services. The terminal is adjacent to the Scarborough Town Centre and Scarborough Civic Centre.


GO Transit[edit]

GO Transit MCI bus at the terminal

Can-ar Coach Service[edit]

  • Can-ar service to Lindsay and Haliburton[5]

Coach Canada[edit]



Toronto Transit Commission[edit]

Further information: Scarborough Centre (TTC)

On the same station, west of the bus terminal, is the TTC rapid transit station on the Scarborough RT line. It is served by several TTC bus routes.

Nearby landmarks[edit]

Located in Scarborough's city centre, nearby landmarks include Scarborough Town Centre shopping mall, the Scarborough Civic Centre, Albert Campbell Square, the Canada Centre government offices, Consilium Place and the Scarborough YMCA.

Pre-1985 facilities[edit]

Prior to 1985, Scarborough Town Centre had a small bus facilities in the same location for TTC routes 21, 43C and 16 buses. When the STC opened in 1973, a walkway from the mall was constructed with access to a street level connection (along Triton Road) for TTC buses and Miracle Food Mart pickup area.

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