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George Cameron Scarborough High School is a secondary school located at 4141 Costa Rica in Houston, Texas, United States with a ZIP code of 77092. Part of the Houston Independent School District, Scarborough serves grades nine through twelve and has Houston ISD's Architecture and Landscaping Design magnet Program.

Coordinates: 29°49′46″N 95°28′11″W / 29.829363°N 95.469584°W / 29.829363; -95.469584


The school was named after school board member George Cameron Scarborough. Its first principal was W. L. Fromein. Scarborough was founded on a 21-acre (85,000 m2) plot on May 27, 1968.[citation needed] The school relieved Waltrip High School.[1] Originally, the plan was for both a junior and senior high school, but it became a high school in 1979 when Clifton Middle School opened.[citation needed]

Scarborough was named a 1986-87 National Blue Ribbon School.[2]

In 1999 Scarborough had 958 students. That year, there were 16 students who had previously attended private schools. 14 students who previously attended private schools began attending Scarborough in 2000.[3]

In 2007, a Johns Hopkins University study commissioned by the Associated Press cited Scarborough as a "dropout factory."[4]

In 2008 the school had a per student cost of $5,442, with 890 students attending the school.[5]

In 2014 the district scheduled the elimination of the Scarborough architecture program for the 2015-2016 school year.[6]

Neighborhoods served[edit]

The neighborhoods served by Scarborough[7] include Langwood III, Candlelight Oaks, Candlelight Oaks Village, Forest Pines, Forest West, and part of Oak Forest.

A portion of the Near Northwest district is served by the school.[8]

Student body[edit]

The enrolled student body, which totaled 869 during the 2006-2007 school year, is predominantly Hispanic.[9]

Strict dress code and school uniforms[edit]

In the 2007-2008 school year, Scarborough has school uniforms.[10]

The Texas Education Agency specified that the parents and/or guardians of students zoned to a school with uniforms may apply for a waiver to opt out of the uniform policy so their children do not have to wear the uniform;[11] parents must specify "bona fide" reasons, such as religious reasons or philosophical objections.

Feeder pattern[edit]

Feeder elementary schools to Scarborough High School [7] include:

  • Kate Smith [12]
  • Benbrook [13] (portion)
  • Wainwright [14] (portion)

Feeder middle schools include:

Notable alumni[edit]


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