Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre

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Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre
Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre is located in North Yorkshire
Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre
Location within North Yorkshire
Established 12 December 2009
Location 36 Eastborough, Scarborough, England
Coordinates 54°17′02″N 0°23′38″W / 54.284°N 0.394°W / 54.284; -0.394

The Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre (SMHC), is a heritage centre situated in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England, and opened on 12 December 2009. The centre aims to reveal the town's maritime history for the residents and visitors. Taking five years for the idea of "sea museum" to form, the heritage centre archives a collection of photographs, historical documents and artefacts of Scarborough's and Yorkshire's coast maritime life.[1]


The Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre is a registered charity centre on 11 November 2011 and validated by the LocalGiving foundation.[2] SMHC has won Mayor’s Big Thank You award for Artistic and Cultural Development two times in a row in 2010 and 2011.[3]

The SMHC is officially opened by the mayor of Scarborough, Councillor Bill Chatt.[4] The centre consists of 6 committee members and 24 volunteers that operate the premise.[5]

Committee members[edit]

  • Mark Terrence Vesey
  • Lindy Rowley
  • John Rushton
  • David Normandale
  • James Robert Frank Spencer
  • Maria Royle
  • Faith Young (active 2004-2012) [6]


The Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre is an actively working community that tends participate in the towns social life and events. They have participated in Coastival[7] as well as the Armed Forces Day.[8]

They organize the exhibitions and events to share the information with people who are interested in maritime history of Scarborough, North Yorkshire. In those events they display a variety of documents and memorabilia, as well as stories they have heard from the previous generation.[9]

The exhibitions are held every 3 month and change themes each exhibition.[10] Volunteers who are interested in sharing the knowledge are able to donate or lend memorabilia to the centre for other people to see. Scarborough hold rich historical culture, so Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre has a lot to offer. They have done exhibitions related to Vikings, smugglers, the bombardment, tuna fishing, the lifeboat, herring fishing,[10] and even to Titanic.


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