Scarecrows (1988 film)

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Directed by William Wesley
Starring Ted Vernon
Michael David Simms
Release dates 1988
Running time 83 min.
Country U.S.A.
Language English

Scarecrows is a 1988 horror film directed by William Wesley.


Scarecrows is about five anti-heroic bank robbing paramilitary mercenaries and war criminals who steal three million dollars from Camp Pendleton and take two hostages, a pilot and his daughter. As the robbers fly towards Southern waters, one of the robbers steals the loot and parachutes into a dark field. The remaining robbers land the plane and head for a broken-down house. The house has a demonic history, which causes scarecrows guarding surrounding graves to resurrect and slaughter all trespassers, dooming their victims to live on as scarecrows for all eternity.


The film was released on VHS by Forum Home Video in 1988. The company released the film in both R-rated and unrated versions.[1]

The film was released on DVD on September 11, 2007 by MGM/Fox.[2] The DVD is unrated and uncut in a 1.85 anamorphic widescreen presentation with no special features.


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