Scarlet and Other Stories

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Scarlet and Other Stories
Studio album by All About Eve
Released 16 October 1989
Label Mercury, Phonogram
Producer Paul Samwell-Smith
All About Eve chronology
All About Eve
Scarlet and Other Stories
Touched by Jesus
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Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars link

Scarlet and Other Stories is the second studio album by All About Eve. It is widely held to be considerably darker both in tone and lyrics than their first album, All About Eve. Possible reasons for this included the disintegration of the (both personal and professional) relationship between Julianne Regan (lead singer) and Tim Bricheno (lead guitarist) during the album's recording and production. Regan actually suffered something of a breakdown during this time and later stated that she hadn't wept as much in her life as she had during the making this album. (See her own page for further detail.)

In terms of commercial success, Scarlet and Other Stories didn't quite match that of their first album; however, it still made it to No. 9 in the UK charts with three Top 40 singles resulting from it.

Track listing[edit]

Bold indicates a single release (with UK chart position).
All songs written and composed by Tim Bricheno, Andy Cousin, Mark Price and Julianne Regan except where noted.

  1. "Road to Your Soul" (37)
  2. "Dream Now" (Bricheno, Cousin, Regan)
  3. "Gold and Silver"
  4. "Scarlet" (34) (Bricheno, Cousin, Regan)
  5. "December" (34)
  6. "Blind Lemon Sam" (Bricheno, Cousin, Regan)
  7. "More Than the Blues"
  8. "Tuesday's Child"
  9. "Pieces of Our Heart" (Bricheno, Cousin, Regan)
  10. "Hard Spaniard"
  11. "The Empty Dancehall"
  12. "Only One Reason"
  13. "The Pearl Fishermen" (Bricheno, Cousin, Regan)


This would be the last album by All About Eve to feature Tim Bricheno on guitars until Keepsakes seventeen years later. He was replaced in time for their third album Touched by Jesus by Church guitarist Marty Willson-Piper.