Scarred for Life (Rose Tattoo album)

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For the album by melodic hardcore band Ignite, see Scarred for Life (Ignite album).
Scarred For Life
Studio album by Rose Tattoo
Released 1982
Recorded Albert Studios, Sydney, Australia
Genre Hard rock, blues rock
Label Albert Productions
Producer Vanda & Young
Rose Tattoo chronology
Assault & Battery
Scarred For Life
Southern Stars

Scarred For Life is the third album by Australian hard rock band Rose Tattoo. Scarred For Life launched Rose Tattoo to international success with the rock anthem "We Can't Be Beaten." A video was filmed for the song "Branded."

"We Can't Be Beaten" was covered by the Swiss thrash metal band Drifter on their 1989 album Nowhere To Hide.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Scarred for Life" (Anderson/Riley/Royall)
  2. "We Can't Be Beaten" (Anderson/Riley)
  3. "Juice on the Loose" (Anderson/Wells)
  4. "Who's Got the Cash" (Anderson/Wells)
  5. "Branded" (Anderson/Riley)
  6. "Texas" (Anderson/Wells)
  7. "It's Gonna Work Itself Out" (Anderson/Riley)
  8. "Sydney Girls" (Anderson/Wells)
  9. "Dead Set" (Anderson/Leach)
  10. "Revenge" (Anderson/Wells)


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