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Scatness is a settlement on the headland of Scat Ness at the southern tip of the South Shetland Mainland, Scotland, across the West Voe of Sumburgh from Sumburgh Head and close to Sumburgh Airport, the Shetland Islands' main airport.

Scatness includes the housing estates of Sanblister Place and Colonial Place. On the east side of Scat Ness are the beaches of Outer and Inner Tumble Wick, which were Haaf Stations during the days of the Haaf Fishing.

At the south easternmost point of Scatness, off the A970 road, lies the Ness of Burgi fort, an Iron Age blockhouse resembling a broch. The site is in the care of Historic Scotland.


Coordinates: 59°52′28″N 1°18′20″W / 59.87444°N 1.30556°W / 59.87444; -1.30556