Scenes from a Movie

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Scenes from a Movie
Origin Charleston, West Virginia, U.S.
Genres Pop punk
Labels One Big Spark/
EastWest Records

Scenes from a Movie was an American band from Charleston, West Virginia.


Scenes from a Movie members Tony Bush and Jon Ewing were friends in high school, but Ewing attended the University of Charleston while Bush went to college at Bowling Green.[1] Ewing, together with guitarist Luke Del Papa, then convinced Bush to drop out of school, and the group expanded to a quintet, choosing the name Scenes from a Movie.[1] Adding Jared Miller on drums and Adam Triplett on bass the group started touring, soon finding slots opening for groups such as The Starting Line, Thursday, and Boys Like Girls.[1] They signed to East West Records subsidiary, One Big Spark, in 2006, and continued touring, playing at Warped Tour 2007[2] and then opening for Permanent ME and The Junior Varsity.[1] Their debut LP, The Pulse, was released on July 24, 2007, which garnered comparisons to Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco.[1][3][4][5][6] They were named SPIN Band of the Day on September 14, 2007.[7]

On October 2, 2007, Tony Bush and Adam Triplett announced their departure from the band. The band later split up.


  • Tony Bush - Vocals
  • Jon Ewing - Guitar
  • Luke Del Papa - Guitar
  • Adam Triplett - Bass
  • Jared Miller - Drums

  • Logan Mace - Vocals (filled in after Tony Bush left the band in 2007 for one tour)
  • Aaron "Squared" Edwards - Bass (filled in after Adam Triplett left the band in 2007 for one tour)
  • Greg McGowan - Bass (played for a while in 2005-2006 before Adam Triplett joined the band)


  • Take Hands, Take Hearts, Take Aim (EP, 2005)
  1. Crash and Learn
  2. You Make This an Art
  3. Speaking Of
  4. Set Fire
  5. Beautiful

  1. Just Ask Us
  2. Save You
  3. Irukandji
  4. Heartbeat From Hell
  5. If I Die
  6. Hang Your Halo
  7. Detective, Detective
  8. The Cover Up
  9. If It’s My Game I Can’t Lose
  10. Heads Or Tails
  11. Goodbye Reckless


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