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The Scenes of Canada Series was the fourth series of banknotes the Bank of Canada issued. Due to a growing concern over counterfeiting, the Bank of Canada began to release a new series of bank notes in 1969. The series was replaced by the Birds of Canada banknote series beginning in 1986.

This series represented another complete departure in design from earlier issues:

The main characteristic of the new design was the use of multicoloured tints beneath the dominant colour. This series was often dubbed the "multicoloured series".[1] With the exception of the $1 note, the use of black ink was abandoned. Furthermore, the words "this note is legal tender" replaced the phrase "will pay to the bearer on demand",[2] reflecting the fact that Canada's currency had long ceased to be redeemable in gold. The $1,000 denomination was not included in this issue.

Unlike previous series, the 1969-79 series did not have the same date of issue for all denominations, but rather the year in which the printing plate was produced.[3] In addition, this is the first series that has interleaving position of English and French text. The interleaving nature is by text on the same side, as well as by denomination. The following table is a complete representation of all positions of English texts on all denominations.

$1 $2 $5 $10 $20 $50 $100
"Bank of Canada" on obverse L R L R L R L
Value on obverse R L R L R L R
"This note is legal tender" L R R L L L R
"Deputy governor" R R R L L R L
"Governor" L R R L L R L
Value on reverse L R L R L R L
"Bank of Canada" on reverse R L R L L L R

Originally, the Queen's portrait was to appear on all denominations. However, the Minister of Finance requested the inclusion of portraits of former Canadian prime ministers on the new bank notes to enhance national identity.

All notes measure 152.4 × 69.85 mm (6 × 2¾ inches).

1969-1979 ("Scenes of Canada") series
Image Value Main Colour Description Date of
Obverse Reverse Obverse Reverse Design Issuance Withdrawal
[1] [2] $1 Green and Black Queen Elizabeth II The parliament buildings from the Ottawa River, Ontario 1973 3 June 1974 30 June 1989
[3] [4] $2 Terra cotta Queen Elizabeth II Inuit hunting on Baffin Island, Northwest Territories 1974 August 5, 1975 September 2, 1986
[5] [6] $5 Blue Sir Wilfrid Laurier Salmon seiner BCP 45 in Johnstone Strait, British Columbia 1972 December 4, 1972 October 1, 1979
[7] [8] $5 1979 October 1, 1979 April 28, 1986
[9] [10] $10 Purple Sir John A. Macdonald Oil refinery (Polymer Corporation) in Sarnia, Ontario 1971 November 8, 1971 June 27, 1989
[11] [12] $20 Green Queen Elizabeth II Moraine Lake and the Rocky Mountains, Alberta 1969 June 22, 1970 December 18, 1979
[13] [14] $20 1979 December 18, 1979 June 29, 1993
[15] [16] $50 Red William Lyon Mackenzie King The RCMP Musical Ride 1975 March 31, 1975 December 1, 1989
[17] [18] $100 Brown Sir Robert Borden Lunenburg Harbour, Nova Scotia 1975 May 31, 1976 December 3, 1990
These images are to scale at 0.7 pixels per millimetre.


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