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Scenestar was a not-for-profit organisation promoting underage events in Melbourne, Australia between 1995-1997.[1] The organisation was run by teenagers Aaron Shipperlee and Pheona Donohoe, assisted by a team of volunteers at shows. Scenestar organised events at the Corner Hotel and Central Club Hotel in Richmond.


Aaron Shipperlee met Pheona Donohoe at The Venue in Noble Park. Donohoe was a member of the City of Greater Dandenong Muso Network, booked many of the alternative bands at The Venue, and was involved in the Decimus Gnu compilation CD.[2][3][4] Scenestar embraced the DIY ethic by not conforming to government-funded youth entertainment programs provided by The Push. Door prices were kept to a minimum and often equated to $1 per band. Events featured underground bands and frequently included all-girl bands from Rock’N’Roll High School.[5][6] Scenestar was regularly promoted in local street press, newspapers, magazines and community radio. A feature article was included in the September 1995 issue of the Australian Rolling Stone magazine.[7]


Scenestar’s main promotional tool of fanzines was inspired by the Manic! Crew newsletters. Shipperlee’s Nappy Kill fanzine was available via mail-order and at alternative record stores, while Donohoe’s Swirl was mailed to the 1,000 plus members on the Scenestar mailing list. Printing and postage costs were subsidised through advertising arrangements with local record labels and often included free marketing material such as samplers from Flying Nun, Rapido, Brass Companion and Murmur.

Other Publicity[edit]

Donohoe presented a weekly all-ages gig report on the PBS-FM Thursday drive program in order to promote the Scenestar events. She later presented the Australian music show on the station between 2000–2003 and was the station’s Music and Promotions Manager in 2000-2002.[8] Scenestar was also featured on one of the first episodes of the ABC TV program Recovery in 1996. Donohoe later joined the show as their all-ages scene presenter between 1997-1999.[9][10]

List of Events[edit]

There were 33 official Scenestar events

  • Saturday April 1, 1995 with Meanies, Warped, Snout, Daisygrinders, Muffcake (*)
  • Saturday April 29, 1995 with Front End Loader, Screamfeeder, Sidewinder, Midget, Gudgeon (*)
  • Saturday May 13, 1995 with You Am I, Bodyjar, Snout, Automatic, Something For Kate (*)
  • Saturday June 24, 1995 with Frenzal Rhomb, Providence, Kilfinnan, Salmonella, Muffcake
  • Saturday July 1, 1995 with Bodyjar, One Inch Punch, Caustic Soda
  • Saturday July 8, 1995 with TISM, Trout Fishing In Quebec, Incursion, Warped, Salmonella
  • Saturday July 22, 1995 with Incursion, Spudgun, Sandpit, Kitty Cat Harness, Stick Figure, Tuff Muff
  • Saturday August 5, 1995 with Fridge, Muffcake, Something For Kate, Food, Quadbox, Buttjuice
  • Saturday August 19, 1995 with The Meanies, Nunchucka Superfly, Midget, Spudgun, Hardware
  • Saturday September 2, 1995 with Christbait, Regurgitator, Lawnsmell, Gerling, Hecate, Midget Stooges, Plunge
  • Saturday September 9, 1995 with Incursion, Fur, Dioline, Drop City, Something For Kate
  • Saturday September 16, 1995 with Channel Zero, Downtime, Superheist, Alchemist, Tuff Muff, Haite
  • Saturday September 30, 1995 with Something For Kate, Kilfinnan, Salmonella, Quadbox, Pyroherra, Stick Figure, Caffeine, Judge Jumby, Day Break
  • Saturday October 7, 1995 with Bodyjar, Incursion, Sidewinder, Toe To Toe, Something For Kate, Caustic Soda, Spdfgh
  • Saturday October 14, 1995 with Spiderbait, Incursion, Ricaine, Salmonella, Tuff Muff, Miffy, Resistica
  • Saturday October 28, 1995 with Powderfinger, Fur, Sidewinder, Zambian Goat Herders, Sandpit, Something For Kate
  • Saturday January 13, 1996 with Muffcake, Headcase, Buttjuice, Kilfinnan, Golden Lifestyle Band, Quadbox
  • Saturday February 17, 1996 with Magic Dirt, Frenzal Rhomb, Spdfgh, Hurter (*)
  • Saturday March 2, 1996 with Ricaine, Something For Kate, Warped, Kilfinnan, Paintstripper, Steel Worker
  • Saturday March 16, 1996 with No Fun At All, Millencolin, One Inch Punch, Blitz Babies, Wrong Body, Crettins Puddle
  • Saturday April 6, 1996 with Incursion, Warped, Sandpit, Golden Lifestyle Band, Hurter, Living End
  • Saturday May 11, 1996 with Frenzal Rhomb, Lawnsmell, Muffcake, Kilfinnan, Crettins Puddle, No Comply
  • Saturday June 1, 1996 with Ricaine, Budd, Midget, Tweezer
  • Saturday June 8, 1996 with Bodyjar, Porkers, Muffcake, Fallout
  • Saturday June 15, 1996 with Something For Kate, Tweezer, Golden Lifestyle Band, Even, Valve
  • Saturday June 29, 1996 with Nitocris, Salmonella, Kilfinnan, Crettins Puddle, Caffeine
  • Saturday July 6, 1996 with Automatic, Muffcake, Quadbox, Nancy Vandal, Humbug, Bobbits
  • Saturday July 20, 1996 with Spdfgh, Budd, Warped, Sneaker, Hardware, Sin Dog Jelly Roll, Numbskulls, Abode

(*) Events held at The Corner Hotel, Richmond. All other events were held at The Central Club, Richmond.


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