Schaan-Vaduz railway station

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Railway station of Liechtenstein
View of the station building
Station statistics
Address Liechtenstein Schaan
Postastraße 5
Coordinates 47°10′07″N 9°30′30″E / 47.16861°N 9.50833°E / 47.16861; 9.50833Coordinates: 47°10′07″N 9°30′30″E / 47.16861°N 9.50833°E / 47.16861; 9.50833
Line(s) Feldkirch–Buchs
Structure type at-grade
Platforms 1
Tracks 2
Parking yes
Other information
Opened 1872
Electrified yes
Owned by ÖBB
A map of Liechtenstein showing the railway line and the 4 stations

Schaan-Vaduz is one of the 4 train stations serving Liechtenstein, located in the town of Schaan and 3.5 km from Vaduz. It is owned by the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB).


Schaan-Vaduz is situated on the international and electrified line Feldkirch-Buchs,[1] between the station of Buchs (in Switzerland) and the stop of Forst Hilti (in the northern suburb of Schaan). It is served only by regional trains.

Located in the middle of town, the station is composed of a two-storey building, a wooden shed and a platforms serving the first track. The second track has no platform and is rarely used.[2] On the platform are located the rests of a rail, part of a dismantled track system used by freight wagons.[3]

Preceding station   ÖBB   Following station
Buchs SG   ÖBB
Feldkirch–Buchs railway
  Schaan Forst Hilti


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