Scheduled Castes Federation

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Scheduled Castes Federation
शेड्युल्ड कास्ट्स फेडरेशन
Founder B. R. Ambedkar
Founded 1942
Preceded by Independent Labour Party
Succeeded by Republican Party of India
Politics of India
Political parties

Scheduled Castes Federation, was a political party in India. SCF was founded by Dr. Ambedkar in 1942 to fight for the rights of the Dalit community. SCF was the successor organization of the Independent Labour Party led by Ambedkar.

SCF later evolved into the Republican Party of India.

There was also a party called SCF in Pakistan after Partition. Ramnarayan Rawat stated that the SCF "created the space for an alternative to Congress-type 'nationalist' politics in post- 1947 Uttar Pradesh".[1]

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