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For the German/Italian wine grape, see Schiavone (grape).

Schiavone (singular; plural Schiavoni) is an Italian ethnonym literally meaning "Slavs" in Old Italian: originally, this term indicated origins in the Slavic lands of Dalmatia and Istria (in present-day Croatia), when under the rule of the Republic of Venice. Today it is an Italian surname.


The importance of Schiavoni's role in the Venetian Republic is best shown by the name of one of the main streets in Venice, Riva degli Schiavoni, just in front of the Doge Palace and San Marco Square.

A number of artists who worked in Italy who were of Dalmatian Slavic descent[citation needed] were nicknamed Schiavone by their origin: most famous among them are Giulio Clovio (Julije Klović), Francesco Laurana (Frane Vranjanin) and Luciano Laurana (Lucijan Vranjanin).[citation needed] Andrea Meldolla (Andrija Medulić) was an example of a person from Dalmatia who wasn't of any known Slavic descent, but was still called Schiavone. Also, referring to artists from Dalmatia by using their place of origin as a surname was common in Italy at the time, for example in cases of Giovanni Dalmata (Ivan Duknović) or Giorgio da Sebenico (Juraj Dalmatinac).

Schiavoni was also a designation of the Oltremarini, a military unit of the same descent in the Venetian Navy. The basket-hilted sword schiavona was also named after the Schiavoni.


In Italy, the surname Schiavone (Italian pronunciation: [skjaˈvone]) mostly occurs in the southern regions of the mainland, namely Campania and Puglia, but it is also common in Rome, Turin, Milan, and Syracuse.[1][2] Branches of the Schiavone family can also be found in Argentina, Malta, Uruguay, United Kingdom, the Philippines and the United States.



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