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Schibsted ASA
Type Allmennaksjeselskap
Traded as OSE: SCH
Industry Mass media
Founded 1839
Headquarters Oslo, Norway
Key people Rolv Erik Ryssdal (CEO), Ole Jacob Sunde (Chairman)
Revenue NOK 14.76 billion (2012)[1]
Operating income NOK 0.74 billion (2012)[1]
Employees 6,900 (2013)[2]

Schibsted Media Group is a Norwegian media group with operations in 29 countries, the most important being Norway and Sweden. The company has its headquarters in Oslo, Norway and is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange.

Schibsted's present activities are related to media products in the field of newspapers, online classifieds, publishing, multimedia and mobile services. Schibsted Media Group is currently organized into Online Classifieds, media houses and Schibsted Growth. Rolv Erik Ryssdal became CEO of Schibsted on 1 June 2009. CFO is Trond Berger. EVP Communications & CSR is Lena K Samuelsson.


In 1839 Christian Michael Schibsted founded the publishing company Schibsteds Forlag and in 1860 he started publishing Christiania Adresseblad, from 1885 known as Aftenposten. In 1966 Schibsted acquired VG.

In 1989, under the leadership of Tinius Nagell-Erichsen, Schibsted went from being a family-owned company to a corporation, and was listed on Oslo Stock Exchange in 1992. Kjell Aamot has been CEO since 1989. In the 1990s and 2000s Schibsted bought a number of international newspapers.


The group is currently organized into Online Classifieds, Schibsted Media House Norway, Sweden Schibsted Media House and Media Houses International. The group is mainly grown through acquisitions since the IPO in 1992, when Schibsted was purely a Norwegian group, which consisted of wholly owned operations Aftenposten, Verdens Gang and Schibsted Trykk and minority stakes in six regional and local newspapers in Norway.

Schibsted has approximately 7,800 employees and operates in 29 countries. In addition to Norway, the company is also a major player on the Swedish market and operates in further 14 European countries (Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Greece and Belarus), eight countries in Asia and the Pacific (India, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, China and New Zealand), 12 countries in Latin America (Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina) as well as five African countries (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, and Nigeria). In the majority of these countries are run only online-based businesses.



  • Aftonbladet (91%)
  • Svenska Dagbladet
  • Metro (35%)
  • Compricer
  • ServiceFinder
  • Prisjakt
  • Lendo AB
  • Mö
  • Webtraffic
  • Minimedia
  • FlexiDrive
  • Omni
  • Tripwell

Other countries[edit]

Schibsted owns 20 Min Holding AG which participates in the publication of various editions of the free daily newspapers, such as 20 minutes in France and 20 minutos in Spain.

Schibsted Classified Media[edit]

Schibsted Classified Media (SCM) operate most of Schibsted's online classifieds business. SCM have operations in several mature markets in Western Europe and in growing markets in Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. It includes the following sites:

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