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Lindenhof hill fortification and Schipfe
Schipfe and Lindenhof-Sihlbühl, early 16th century, Hans Leu the Elder
Memorial plate for Felix Manz and other anabaptists murdered in early 16th century by the Zurich city government

Schipfe is part of the Lindenhof quarter in the district 1 (Altstadt) of Zurich, Switzerland.

It belongs to the historical parts (Altstadt) of the Limmat city, located on the west side of the Limmat river below the Lindenhof hill. The Lindenhof was the site of the Roman settlement (15 BC), with traces of a hypocaustum excavated. This is the oldest core of the city, with settlement traces dating to pre-Roman (La Tène) times, and fortified as a Roman oppidum with a surrounding vicus in the final decades of the 1st century BC. Today the Schipfe is well known for its romantic houses at the Limmat river and several almoust hidden shops opposite the Limmatquai.

First mentioned in 1292 as «Schüpfi» (German for where the boats land), the quarter has a population of 431 distributed on an area less of 0.5 km².

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Coordinates: 47°22′23″N 8°32′31″E / 47.37306°N 8.54194°E / 47.37306; 8.54194