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Schlaube Brücke Rundweg Müllroser See.JPG
Origin Wirchenberge, east of Groß Muckrow (part of Friedland)
Mouth „Kleiner Müllroser See“ in Müllrose
Basin countries Germany
Location Brandenburg, district Oder-Spree, Schlaube Valley Nature Park
Length 20 km
Source elevation 91 m
Mouth elevation 41 m
River system Oder

The Schlaube is a river in the district Oder-Spree, Brandenburg, Germany. It is situated in the Schlaube Valley Nature Park and runs over a distance of 20 kilometers through the Schlaube-Valley (German: Schlaubetal), a tunnel valley of the last glacial period.

Its source is east of Groß Muckrow (part of Friedland) in the Wirchenberge (hill). After passing some lakes, including the Großer Müllroser See, the Schlaube ends in Müllrose into the Kleiner Müllroser See, which is connected with the Oder-Spree Canal.

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Coordinates: 52°13′N 14°25′E / 52.217°N 14.417°E / 52.217; 14.417