Schleicher ASK 16

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Schleicher ASK 16
Schleicher AS-K16 Speyer-Edry 06.07R.jpg
Schleicher ASK 16 at Speyer-Edry airfield, Germany, in June 2007
Role Touring motor glider
National origin Germany
Manufacturer Alexander Schleicher GmbH & Co
Designer Rudolf Kaiser
First flight 2 February 1971
Introduction 1972
Status in service
Primary user club and private flyers
Number built 44

The ASK 16 was designed by Rudolf Kaiser for production by Alexander Schleicher GmbH & Co of Furth, Germany. The aircraft is of welded tube, wood and fabric construction and has a low-set high-aspect-ratio wing.

Seating is side-by-side for two persons under a fully transparent side-hinged canopy. The standard powerplant is a 72 h.p. Limbach Volksvagen 1700 driving a Hoffman variable-pitch propeller.[1]

The ASK 16 has a retractable tail-wheel undercarriage with the main units mounted under the wings and retracting inwards. It is fitted with dual controls to permit use in the primary training role.[2]

Production and operation[edit]

The prototype first flew on 2 February 1971. 44 aircraft were built for operation by clubs and private owners.[3] Most of the completed aircraft remained in active service in 2005, including examples flying in Germany, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.


Scleicher AS-K16 showing arrangement of underwing retractable undercarriage and side-hinged canopy

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General characteristics



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