Schloßplatz (Wiesbaden)

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Aerial photo of the Schloßplatz in Wiesbaden with the Stadtschloss (left) and the New Town Hall (right)

The Schloßplatz (English: Palace Square or Castle Square) forms the center of the historic Old Town of Wiesbaden, Hesse, Germany. It gets its name from the Stadtschloss, the royal residence of the Dukes of Nassau located on the north side of the square. Other buildings surrounding the Schloßplatz include the Old City Hall, the New Town Hall and the Marktkirche. In the middle of the square stands the Marktbrunnen (Market Well) of 1753. Due to this unique building ensemble, and the fact that at this point medieval Wiesbaden originated, it is historically the most important part of the city. Occasionally it is referred to as the "market square", its name before the palace was built.

The Schloßplatz is officially written as a proper noun using the letter 'ß' in the old German orthography. However, it is also correct to spell the word in new orthography as "Schlossplatz", which it often is.


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