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Texas Avenue in Schnitzelburg

Schnitzelburg is a neighborhood three miles southeast of downtown Louisville, Kentucky USA.

The area was first plotted in 1866 by D.H. Meriwether and known as Meriwether's Enlargement, but actual construction didn't begin until 1891 when a streetcar line extended to the intersection of Goss and Texas Avenues. The first residents in Schnitzelburg were immigrants who arrived there from Germany: "Schnitzel" refers to a food dish, popular with Austrians and Germans.

Schnitzelburg is famous for a street ball game called "Dainty," where a flat, bat-like stick is used to strike another stick on the ground, making it airborne, which is then hit like a baseball as far as possible. Every last Monday in July the World Dainty Championship is held in the neighborhood, at the corner of Goss Avenue and Hoertz Avenue, site of Hauck's Handy Store. The Dainty is a fund raiser for the Little Sisters of the Poor, and it brings the community together for some great fun. Contestants must be 45 and older to play the Dainty. [1]

Check's Cafe

Check's Cafe is located at the intersection of Hickory and Burnett Streets and is among Louisville's better known restaurants. Manual Stadium is located in Schnitzelburg.

Schnitzelburg's boundaries are Clarks Lane to the south, Shelby Street to the west, CSX railroad tracks to the north, and Goss Avenue to the east.


Morgan Street in Schnitzelburg

As of 2000, the population of Schnitzelburg was 4,420,[2] of which whites are 92.7%, blacks are 5.1%, people listed as other are 3.2%, & Hispanics are 1.7%. College graduates are 22.8% of the population, people w/o a high school degree are 20.7%. Females outnumber males 51.1% to 48.9% Demographics may have shifted as of the last census.

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