Schober group

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Schober Group
1024 Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe vom Gamsgrubenweg aus-3049.jpg
Karlkamp massif, view from Grossglockner High Alpine Road
Highest point
Peak Petzeck
Elevation 3,283 m (10,771 ft)
Coordinates 46°56′54″N 12°48′15″E / 46.94833°N 12.80417°E / 46.94833; 12.80417Coordinates: 46°56′54″N 12°48′15″E / 46.94833°N 12.80417°E / 46.94833; 12.80417
Native name Schobergruppe
Country Austria
States Tyrol and Carinthia
Parent range Hohe Tauern

The Schober Group (German: Schobergruppe) is a sub-range of the Hohe Tauern mountains in the Central Eastern Alps, on the border between the Austrian states of Tyrol (East Tyrol) and Carinthia. Most of the range is located inside Hohe Tauern national park. It is named after Mt. Hochschober, 3,242 metres (10,636 ft), though its highest peak is Mt. Petzeck at 3,283 metres (10,771 ft).


The range comprises central parts of the Hohe Tauern south of the neighbouring Glockner Group and the Alpine divide. In the south it stretches down to the East Tyrolean capital Lienz and the Drava Valley. In the east, the Grossglockner High Alpine Road leads up to Hochtor Pass via Großkirchheim.