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Scholastica logo.jpg
Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangladesh
Founded 1977
Founder Yasmeen Murshed
Chairperson Yasmeen Murshed
Principal Brigadier General Kaiser Ahmed
Language English, Bengali
Hours in school day 8:00 am till 2:40 for students
School colour(s) White, navy blue
Sports Volleyball, football, handball, Basketball, Tennis

Scholastica is a private English immersion school in Dhaka, Bangladesh, offering preschool to A-level courses.

It is prominently recognised as one of the elite schools of Bangladesh, boasting a strong alumni network but often comes under criticism for being a reserve of Dhaka's rich and wealthy.


Scholastica was set up in 1977 in response to the need for an organized school having English as the medium of instruction but emphasizing equal proficiency in Bengali.

In January 2001, the senior classes moved into new premises. It has science and computer laboratories, electronic and print libraries, an audio-visual language teaching centre, various sports facilities, and an air-conditioned auditorium.


Scholastica's junior, middle and senior divisions are housed in locations in the Dhaka neighborhoods of Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Uttara, and Mirpur. The Uttara campus was built in 2000. It accommodates classes 4 to 12 in class rooms across its seven-stored compound. The school has an indoor gymnasium - The STM Hall (named after the chairperson's husband), science and IT labs, and libraries. The cafeteria overlooks Scholastica's 'Red Court' - the outdoor five-a-side futsal pitch and basketball court. Scholastica has opened a campus in the heart of Mirpur. The campus also has facilities such as a full scale swimming pool and auditorium.


Scholastica offers a complete primary, elementary, secondary and high school program leading to the General Certificate of Education examinations which are conducted by the British Council in Dhaka.

As of the 2008-09 academic session, the school's O- and A-level examinations were administered by Cambridge International Examinations, replacing the Edexcel system of schooling.



Laboratory facilities are provided for all the science classes. The Senior Labs are inspected and approved by the representatives of the University of London to meet the standard set by the university for the practical requirement of the '0' and 'A' Level examinations.


The library, located on one of the higher stories, overlooks the Dhaka traffic through sepia toned glass walls. It offers an extensive collection of books. It is also air conditioned for the benefit of those using the space.

Extracurricular activities

Scholastica extracurricular activities include drama, debating, and public speaking. School teams participate in inter-school and national competitions. Theatrical presentations are performed in both English and Bengali.

Other activities include a host of field trips, visits to exhibitions and museums, celebration of national and historical events, and cultural programs. Participation in Community Service Programs, fund raising for natural disaster relief and campaigns to enhance awareness of health and environmental issues are also a part of school activities.

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