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The School and College Ability Test (SCAT), is a standardized test conducted in the United States that measures math and verbal reasoning abilities in gifted children only. It is used by the Center for Talented Youth (CTY) as an above-grade-level entrance exam for students in grades 2–5. Students in grades 6-12 take the advanced SCAT. Qualification for the test requires a 95th percentile or higher score on a national standardized exam or a teacher recommendation with exceptional grades. There are 50 questions per section, 5 of which are experimental.These are the minimum scores required for qualification for the 2nd to 6th grade CTY summer courses:

  • Grade 2 ≥ 435 SCAT Verbal or 440 SCAT Quantitative
  • Grade 3 ≥ 440 SCAT Verbal or 445 SCAT Quantitative
  • Grade 4 ≥ 440 SCAT Verbal or 450 SCAT Quantitative
  • Grade 5 ≥ 455 SCAT Verbal or 465 SCAT Quantitative
  • Grade 6 ≥ 465 SCAT Verbal or 485 SCAT Quantitative
  • Grade 6 is part of middle school although appearing in many elementary programs

Some 2-year colleges require it for students who do not have a high school diploma.


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