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Die Schule der kleinen Vampire
Genre black comedy, comedy horror, animation, supernatural mystery, sitcom
Created by Gerhard Hahn, Antony Power
Country of origin Germany, Italy, Luxembourg
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 104
Running time 12:04 min (International)
25 min (Germany)
Production company(s) Rai Fiction, Cartoon-One, Warner Bros. International Television (Distribution)
Distributor ARD, KI.KA
Original channel KI.KA, ARD
Original run January 1, 2006 – July 2010

School for vampires (German: Die Schule der kleinen Vampire, Italian: Scuola di vampiri) is a children/teens Italian-German horror-comedy animated television series, based on children book Die Schule der kleinen Vampire by Jackie Niebisch in 1983.


  • Oskar von Horrificus: Oskar is the main protagonist of the series. Oskar is often seen as the hero and is one of the students at the school. Count von Horrificus is his uncle. Oskar tries to be a great student, but unfortunately he has a fear of blood, therefore he is a vegetarian. He is still able however to change into a vampire bat like his friends and often visits the human girl Sunshine because he has a crush on her and she feels the same. However, Sunshine doesn't know he's a vampire, as she is a skeptic, although she did turn into a vampire herself for a while. His name may be based on the character Oskar from the vampire novel and movie, Let The Right One In.(voice by Eve Morey).
  • Stoker: Stoker is rather an anti-hero and a troublemaker to the Vampire Academy. He is often getting himself or his friends into trouble and suffers from the most bad luck than anyone else in the series. His name is obviously a pun of Bram Stoker, the author for the popular novel of Dracula. Stoker looks the most stereotypical of his vampire friends, since he looks like Count Dracula and loves blood. He has a one-sided crush on Gothetta. In the English dub, he speaks with a Cockney accent. (voice by Keith Scott).
  • Leechy: Leechy is a child prodigy, often very intelligent and making inventions for his friends. He is seen to be very close with Oskar, and had a crush on Professor Oxford's young relative, Ravena. He dresses and acts like a stereotypical nerd and has sharper fangs than the other students. (voice by Jane U'Brien).
  • Klot: Klot is the youngest vampire and is often confused for a girl by certain people, he even dresses a little like Madeline and has a high-pitched voice. Klot also believes in the Fang Fairy (voice by Jane U'Brien).
  • Gothetta Gothetticus: the only girl vampire in the school, and the most level-headed. She is a skilled botanist. Gothetta gets into trouble herself at times, but isn't as bad as Stoker. Many fans usually prefer her and Oskar to be a couple in spite of Oskar's crush on Sunshine and the fact that Stoker loves Gothetta. She doesn't particularly like Sunshine. Gothetta is also as smart as Leechy (only not as nerdy) and is often seen as a big sister figure to Klot. She has long curly red hair in a ponytail with the sides of her head shaved (also known as a wolftail). One episode shows her as a human. In the English dub, she speaks with somewhat of a "Valley Girl" accent. (voice by Jane U'Brien).
  • Ashley von Ghoulfangs: Once a young vampire like the others, but was exposed to the sun, resulting in him to be a talking, sentient, immobile pile of dust. Ashley often speaks about his vampire life and that he was the best one in all the land where he comes from. Ashley also often tells everyone things they should know about others, like why Lenny was upset for a while. His name acts as a pun, since he is an ash pile. He can be seen as a sort of comedy relief. As a vampire, he had red hair and wore green clothes. (voice by Danielle Baynes).
  • Lenny: The school's custodian. He is very protective of the students (especially when Sunshine's grandfather tries to kill them). Unlike them, he was bitten by a vampire, not born as one. He speaks with a British accent and strongly resembles Riff Raff from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (voice by David Francis[disambiguation needed]).
  • Ravena: A female vampire whom Leechy has a crush on. She is related to Professor Oxford. She has black hair in a bun and somewhat resembles Mina from the Dracula franchise by the way she dresses (voice by Sarah Aubrey).
  • Professor Oxford: A vampire teacher and a relative of Ravena. He looks similar to Count Orlock from Nosferatu (voice by Paul Davies).
  • Sunshine Polidori: A female human whom Oskar has a crush on. She may be called Sunshine because of her blond hair. When she turned into a vampire, she had black hair and was called Moonshadow. Sunshine is a skeptic and is unaware that Oskar is a vampire. Her grandfather is a vampire hunter (voice by Jane U'Brien).
  • Paulus Polidori: Sunshine's grandfather, who is a vampire hunter. Even though he is not a skeptic like Sunshine, he is also unaware of the fact that Oskar is a vampire. He has a brother who is a skeptic, but even though Sunshine is also a skeptic, she demands that her grandfather be treated with respect. His brother eventually becomes a believer when Gothetta and Stoker change into bats and scare him. Paulus is often thought of as a "crackpot (voice by Keith Scott)."

Minor Characters

  • Buck: a mischievous vampire boy.
  • Lady Kryptina: a female vampire.
  • Nofre: An Egyptian vampire princess who resembles Cleopatra. She only appeared in one episode and is a spoiled brat. Her name is a combination of "Nosferatu" and "Nefertiti."
  • Count Fracula: An elderly vampire who is a parody of Count Dracula.
  • Batoria: Gothetta's cousin who looks like a stereotypical goth or scene girl. She's friends with Stoker. Her name is a parody of Countess Bathory.

Fan Characters

  • Wren: Wren is Lenny's eight year old niece from his late-sister, Morticia. Wren joins the school after the burning of her mother at the stake for witchcraft and is teased mercilessly by Stoker for being a witch from her mother's side. Though Wren and Stoker butt heads, they become friends later on and Wren has a crush on him, finding his jokes and pranks funny while they annoy everyone else. Wren tends to think of her friends like family as she didn't have friends at her old school, often telling scary stories to Klot, being a girlfriend to Gothetta, but is often bored from Leechy's study time. Wren also strongly prefers her uncle over her father as Lenny acts more paternal toward her than her real father ever did. She is also a Goth.
  • Festorina "Fou" Fang: A new teacher in the school who came from a family of circus people. Fou is often served as a love interest for Lenny as they both have crushes on each other and express it. Fou also loves to tease the little vampires sometimes and gives them homework with a teasing smile. Due to her closeness with Lenny, Wren often calls her "Auntie Fou".
  • Morticia: Lenny's deceased younger sister. Lenny and Morticia grew up living alone together after their parents are threatened to be burnt and drowned for their witchcraft, leaving Lenny to run away with Morticia and raise her as they were now orphans. A while after Morticia and Lenny grew up, Lenny traveled the world looking for a job while Morticia went to another part of the world, looking for a husband or boyfriend of sorts. Morticia then announced she had found a mortal man named Durwhood, an allusion to Bewitched, and became pregnant with Wren. Sometime after Durwhood found out Morticia was a witch, he was the one who had people come to burn her and kill her after Wren moves into the school with her uncle, Morticia is then reincarnated into a kitten which Wren adopts when she goes to the Witch School after feeling isolated from the others at the vampire school.
  • Oskar's parents: All that is known about Oskar's parents is that they are now deceased and left him the care of Count von Horrificus, Oskar's mother's brother. Though, it seems they died sometime in the middle of the series as Oskar is once seem writing a letter to them about his adventures in the school and about his new friends.

Animated films for TV[edit]

The German Media (MDM) support the project development of the movie SCHOOL FOR VAMPIRES by promoting a 3D produced by RABBIX VFX GmbH Weimar and Hahn Film AG - stereoscopy teasers. Director and producer Gerhard Hahn will begin this year with the production of the feature film.

A vampire boy who can see no blood and still in love to all evil in a human girl named Sunshine is - pretty bad cards for Oskar, the vampire! His friends are flashy, adorable, hot Stoker, Gruftine, Klot or Count Horrificus and have one thing in common: they are all vampires and students.

The film adaptation of the already published in 5 countries book series by Jackie Niebisch is co-produced by the ARD, CARTOON ONE and the DZT and the first 78 episodes were broadcast by ARD and KIKA with high odds. A further 26 new adventures to be completed at the time under the direction of Tony Power and aired from March 2010. The international pre-sales of the series support the sale of the movie, which is planned for 2010.[1]


School for Vampires was rated PG/PG-13 by the MPAA for some scary images, crude humor, mild language, and horror violence.

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