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Schurter Holding AG
Type Private Limited Liability Corporation
Industry Electronic Components
Founded 1933, incorporated 1949
Headquarters Lucerne, Switzerland
Key people Hans-Rudolf Schurter
(CEO and President of the Board of Directors), Bruno Schurter, Vice President
Products Fuses, Varistors, Connectors, EMC Products, Power Entry Modules, Circuit Breakers for Equipment, Switches, Keypads
Revenue 273.8 Million. CHF (2012)
Employees 1'453 (2012)

SCHURTER Overview[edit]

SCHURTER Holding AG with its headquarters in Lucerne is an international Swiss producer of electric and electronic components, and provider of electronic manufacturing services. The group company is represented in around 60 countries employs 1 453 employees and gained a turnover of 174 million Franks in 2012.

The History of the SCHURTER Group[edit]

SCHURTER was established in 1933 by Heinrich Schurter. Since 1990, all industrial activities have been united under the SCHURTER Holding AG umbrella with headquarters in Lucerne (Switzerland). Today, SCHURTER employs over 1600 staff worldwide, managed by the family’s third generation. Hans-Rudolf Schurter heads the SCHURTER Group and is Chairman of the Board of SCHURTER Holding AG. His brother, Bruno H. Schurter, is Vice President and Managing Director of SCHURTER, Inc. in the USA.


The SCHURTER product range contains around 25 000 standard solutions in the fields of Fuses, Connectors, EMC Products, Power Entry Modules, Circuit Breakers for Equipment, Switches, Keypads and Input Systems.

Circuit Protection[edit]

SCHURTER Protection, includes fuse-links and circuit breaker for equipment in resettable and non-resettable versions. The products protect electric and electronic equipment against overcurrent.


The SCHURTER equipment connector line comprises a variety of connectors according to IEC 60320. The range of components, which may be supplemented with additional functional features, is rounded off by power cords as well as a selection of test, DC, DIN, data and signal plugs and jacks.


SCHURTER develops and manufactures switches and buttons with micro switches, piezo elements, switches with mechanical latching, metal buttons and keyboards, and display elements.

EMC Products[edit]

SCHURTER provides a range of standard products ensuring electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Products include single and three phase line filters with or without IEC power entry modules, chokes, pulse transformers and driver modules.

Input Systems[edit]

SCHURTER develops, manufactures and markets input systems, touch screens and touch panels, capacitive sensor keypads, membrane keypads and housing systems in close cooperation with the customers. A large variety of designs gives scope for a wide placee of applications.

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)[edit]

SCHURTER Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) produces and assembles electronic modules, complete appliances and systems.

SCHURTER Holding AG[edit]


17 companies in 16 countries belong to the SCHURTER Group, of which 11 offer manufacturing facilities.[1]

Group Company Location Country
SCHURTER AG Lucerne Switzerland
SCHURTER spol. s.r.o. Zelezny Brod Czech Republic
SCHURTER (SK) s.r.o. Radosina Hungary
SCHURTER Electronic Components s.r.l. Gruiu Romania
SCHURTER Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Vadodara India
SCHURTER Electronics Ltd. Shenzhen China
SCHURTER Nordic AB Enskede Sweden
SCHURTER SAS Arc en Barrois France
SCHURTER Ltd. Bognor Regis UK
SCHURTER Inc. Santa Rosa USA
SCHURTER + OKW do Brasil Componentes Electronicos Ltda São Paulo Brasil
SCHURTER Pte Ltd. Singapur Singapure
SCHURTER K.K. Tokyo Japan
CHI LICK SCHURTER Ltd. Hong Kong China
SCHURTER GmbH Endingen Germany


SCHURTER has been expanding throughout its history on one hand due to founding daughter companies anew, on the other hand due to taking over existing organisations.[2]

2001: MEIERHOFER AG, Mellingen, Switzerland

2003: TIMONTA AG, Mendrisio, Switzerland

2005: SCHURTER Otto Heil, Oberursel, Germany

2007: TICOMEL SA, Mendrisio, Switzerland

2009: CHI LICK SCHURTER Ltd., Hong Kong SAR, China


SCHURTER takes part in certain competitions through which SCHURTER AG has been able to receive the following awards:

2002: ESPRIX Award Gewinner Prix Alliance [3] 2003: European Quality Award
2004: Swiss HR Award (1st place)
2005: CASH Arbeitgeber Award (1st place)
2006: SWISS Leadership Award Gewinner
2007: CASH Arbeitgeber Award (6th place) [4]
2008: Golden Creativity Award
2009: CASH Arbeitgeber Award (2nd place) [5]
2011: Swiss Arbeitgeber Award (3rd place) [6]
2013: IHZ Innovationspreis 2013 (1st place),[7] Swiss Arbeitgeber Award (9th place) [8]


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