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Schwetzingen Festival, during a concert intermission.

The Schwetzingen Festival (German: Schwetzinger Festspiele, now Schwetzinger SWR Festspiele) is an early summer festival of opera and other classical music presented each year from May to early June in Schwetzingen, Germany.

In 1952 the broadcaster Süddeutscher Rundfunk founded the festival in the Schwetzingen area. It is located in a beautiful 250-year-old palace and park, Schwetzingen Castle, near the famous city of Heidelberg. The main venue is the historic Schlosstheater Schwetzingen. Nowadays, the successor organization is the Südwestrundfunk (SWR) and it organises a large number of international concerts and music theatre events every year.

One of the festival's characteristics is the world premiere of a new opera, as well as at least one rediscovered opera from former centuries, performed on period instruments.

Year World premieres Early rarities
2000 Kurz KKarl-Wieland Kurz: gute miene böses spiel LegrenziGiovanni Legrenzi: La divisione del mondo
2001 HidalgoManuel Hidalgo: Bacon 1561–1992 HaydnJoseph Haydn: L'anima del filosofo
2002 SciarrinoSalvatore Sciarrino: Macbeth BendaGeorg Benda: Il buon marito
2003 Zeller FFrederik Zeller: Irma Vep HolzbauerIgnaz Holzbauer: Il figlio delle selve
2004 HolszkyAdriana Hölszky: Der gute Gott von Manhattan PaisielloGiovanni Paisiello: Il re Teodoro in Venezia
2005 Zeller FFrederik Zeller: Zaubern ScarlattiAlessandro Scarlatti: Telemaco
2006 SciarrinoSalvatore Sciarrino: Kälte (Da gelo a gelo) KrausJoseph Martin Kraus: Proserpina
2007 Lang BBernhard Lang: Der Alte vom Berge LegrenziGiovanni Legrenzi: Giustino
2008 HolszkyAdriana Hölszky: Hybris/Niobe SteffaniAgostino Steffani: Niobe, regina di Tebe
2009 RihmWolfgang Rihm: Proserpina HandelGeorge Frideric Handel: Ezio
2010 JarrellMichael Jarrell: Le Père GretryAndré Grétry: Andromaque
2011 Haas GGeorg Friedrich Haas: Bluthaus GluckChristoph Willibald Gluck: Telemaco
2012 PoppeEnno Poppe: IQ. Testbatterie[1] SchweitzerAnton Schweitzer: Rosamunda[2]

Concerts have featured well-known artists such as Gidon Kremer and Cecilia Bartoli, as well as young artists at the start of their careers. Singers of the caliber of Barbara Hendricks, Fritz Wunderlich and Teresa Berganza have performed at the festival as beginners and have all gone on to major careers.

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