Science Park Station (MTR)

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For the station in Boston, Massachusetts, see Science Park (MBTA station).
Science Park/Pak Shek Kok
Hong Kong MTR rapid transit station
Science Park Station.jpg
The planning model of the station
Station location and services
Line      East Rail Line
District Tai Po District
Area Pak Shek Kok and Science Park
Station design
Livery  White
Platforms 2
Type of platforms Side Platform (according to the model)

Science Park (Chinese: 科學園站) or Pak Shek Kok (Chinese: 白石角站) is a proposed MTR station which may be built in Pak Shek Kok, New Territories, Hong Kong. The station would be on the East Rail Line between University Station and Tai Po Market Station, near the Hong Kong Science Park.[1] Currently, the journey time from University Station to Tai Po Market Station by MTR is around 8 minutes.[2]

However, little is known about the status of the planning of this station. It is thought that a possible reason could be to shorten travelling distance and time between Science Park and Tai Po; currently, the only way to get to Tai Po Market using only public transport is by taking the 272K to University Station and then the MTR to Tai Po Market Station.[3] Walking to University Station from Science Park takes around 20 minutes.

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towards Hung Hom
East Rail Line
towards Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chau

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Coordinates: 22°25′45″N 114°12′31″E / 22.4291°N 114.2085°E / 22.4291; 114.2085