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Scintilla logo.jpg
Scite (1).png
Screenshot of SciTE, which uses the Scintilla component
Developer(s) Neil Hodgson, et al.[1]
Initial release May 17, 1999; 15 years ago (1999-05-17)
Stable release 3.4.3 (May 27, 2014; 6 months ago (2014-05-27)) [±]
Written in C++
Operating system Windows NT and later, Mac OS 10.6 and later, Unix-like with GTK+
Type Text editor
License MIT License

Scintilla is a free open source library that provides a text editing component function, with an emphasis on advanced features for source code editing. SciTE (cross-platform, developed by the same author), Geany (cross-platform), Notepad++ (Windows), and Notepad2 (Windows) are examples of standalone text editors based on Scintilla.


Scintilla supports many features to make code editing easier in addition to syntax highlighting. The highlighting method allows the use of different fonts, colors, styles and background colors, and is not limited to fixed-width fonts. The control supports error indicators, line numbering in the margin, as well as line markers such as code breakpoints. Other features such as code folding and autocompletion can be added.

Currently, Scintilla does not support right-to-left languages (e.g. Hebrew, Arabic, etc.). Furthermore, the regular expression search implementation is rudimentary, and the numerous shortcomings have been known for years and affect the performance of dependent editor projects (e.g. Notepad++)[2][3]

Other versions[edit]

Delphi wrappers:

  • TScintEdit[6] - part of Inno Setup.
  • TDScintilla[7] - simple wrapper for all methods of Scintilla.
  • TScintilla[8] - Delphi Scintilla Interface Component (as of 2009-09-02 00:00:00 UTC, this project is no longer under active development).

Software based on Scintilla[edit]

The full list is available online.[9]


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