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Scofield Thayer (12 December 1889 – 1982) was an American poet and publisher, best known for his art collection, now at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and as a publisher and editor of the literary magazine The Dial during the 1920s.

While a student at Harvard University, Thayer helped to produce the literary magazine The Harvard Monthly.

"The masthead of the Monthly boasted some names that would become famous in the 1920s: E. E. Cummings’s fellow editors included the novelist John Dos Passos, the critic Gilbert Seldes, and the poet Robert Hillyer. Other editors, like the wealthy Scofield Thayer and J. Sibley Watson, would remain Cummings’s friends and patrons throughout his life — 'the truest friends,' Cummings declared, 'any man will ever enjoy.' They were drawn together by their enthusiasm for the most radical trends in modern art..."[1]
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