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Scohaboy Bog (Móin na Scotha Buí in Irish) is a large raised bog in County Tipperary in Ireland. It lies 4 km southeast of Borrisokane between the N52 and R490 roads.[1] As well as the other typical high bog plants the large flat raised bog provides habitat for the rare Sphagnum imbricatum and Prunus padus has been previously recorded.[2]


The bog was declared a Natural Heritage Area in 2005.[3]

Present land use[edit]

For centuries peat bogs have been harvested for turf (peat) for use as fuel for domestic fires. The tradition continues at Scohaboy. There has been afforestation to the north of the site at Sopwell woods. There is evidence of drainage activity and fire damage.[2]


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Coordinates: 52°58′44″N 8°03′29″W / 52.979°N 8.058°W / 52.979; -8.058