Scorched: South Africa's Changing Climate

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Scorched: South Africa's Changing Climate is a non-fiction book by Leonie Joubert.


Scorched is a popular narrative which takes its readers on a vivid journey through southern Africa’s mesmerising landscapes as climate change sets in. It delivers an accessible account of the often complex modelling produced by scientific institutions, and gives powerful local colour to a global problem. Scorched ponders the morality of the changes humankind has wrought, and the future of life as we know it.


In May 2007 Scorched was awarded an Honorary Mention by the judging panel of the Sunday Times Alan Paton Literary Awards.
"The judges have chosen to cite Scorched for an Honorary Award for breaking into the new territory of science journalism, and its skill in popularising this often inaccessible field."
Sunday Times Literary Awards
Their interview with the author

  • Paperback - 240 pages (30 September 2006) South Africa: Wits University Press

EAN: 9781868144372

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