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General Hospital family
Type Fictional family
Created by Pat Falken Smith and Margaret DePriest
Original run December 1980—

The Scorpios and Joneses are fictional families on the American soap opera General Hospital, which is set in the fictional town of Port Charles, New York. Over time, the two families intertwined and became one large blended family, often referred to as the Scorpio/Jones family. The Scorpio family was introduced in December 1980 by head writers Pat Falken Smith and Margaret DePriest, when Robert Scorpio arrived in town to assist Luke Spencer in locating a rare diamond called the Ice Princess. Four years later, the Jones family was introduced in 1984 by Gloria Monty when Frisco Jones arrived in town after he is hired to be the lead singer for "Blackie and the Riff Raff". The Scorpio and Jones families are known for their many adventures, with members of both families working as secret agents with the fictional World Security Bureau (WSB). The Scorpio family is also known for their feud with international criminal, Cesar Faison, who was prevalent in the 1990s and returned to the screen in 2012 with Faison's kidnapping of Robert and Anna's daughter, Robin. The Jones family rose to popularity in the 1980s with the romantic pairing of Frisco and Felicia Jones, one of General Hospital's most popular supercouple. The two families became blended early on when Frisco Jones was made godfather to Robin Scorpio and Robin's mother, Anna Devane, subsequently made godmother to Maxie Jones. Much later, Mac Scorpio married Felicia Jones and became stepfather to Felicia's two daughters with Frisco, Maxie and Georgie. Both families are currently represented by; Mac, Maxie, Lucas and Emma.

Family members[edit]

First generation[edit]

  • Andrew Jones Sr. (Mentioned character)
    Andrew Sr. is mentioned as the father of Tony and Frisco Jones. Andrew Sr. married a woman named Cindy, with whom he had his two sons, Anthony (Tony) and Andrew Jr. (Frisco). After Cindy's death, he quickly married his wife's nurse, Rita. Andrew and Rita did not have any children. Andrew Sr. appeared onscreen in 1984 during a brief flashback as his younger son shares the story of their troubled relationship with his girlfriend, Felicia.

Second generation[edit]

  • Robert Xavier Scorpio (Tristan Rogers)
    The oldest of the Scorpio brothers, Robert arrived in town in 1980. He worked as an international spy for the World Security Bureau and was involved in many adventures with his wife, Holly Sutton and friend Luke Spencer. In 1985, his ex-wife, Anna Devane arrived in town and Robert discovered that he and Anna share a daughter, Robin. In 1992, he and Anna were both presumed dead after a boat explosion. Robert returned to town in 2006 when Port Charles was stricken with a deadly strain of encephalitis. In 2012, he returned again, after Robin is presumably killed in a lab explosion. However, he later found her alive in Switzerland being held captive by Cesar Faison. He tries to free her when, he is injected with a toxin that leaves him in a coma. Robert awakens from the coma a year later and together with Anna, rescues Robin. [1]
  • Malcolm "Mac" Scorpio (John J. York)
    Mac Scorpio is the young brother of Robert Scorpio. Mac was introduced in 1991 and upon his arrival in town, he had a very volatile relationship with his brother due to years of estrangement. Over time, the relationship thawed and improved as they put aside their differences. Mac first worked as a bar owner, opening up a bar named The Outback, he then worked as a Private Investigator, before finally becoming the police commissioner. While Mac never had any children of his own, he married Felicia Jones and raised her two daughters; Maxie and Georgie. He also raised his niece, Robin, after her parents were presumed dead in a boating accident.[2]
  • Anthony "Tony" Jones (Brad Maule)
    Tony is the elder son of Andrew and Cindy Jones. He arrived in Port Charles in 1984, seeking to mend fences with his brother while working as a neurologist at General Hospital. In 1985, he married Tania Roskov and in October 1986, she gave birth to their daughter, Barbara Jean, nicknamed B.J. Several months later, in March 1987, Tania was killed in a car accident. In 1989, Tony married Bobbie Spencer and she adopted B.J. They also adopted a son, Lucas Jones. In 1994, a fatal school bus accident left B.J. brain dead and her heart was donated to her cousin, Maxie, who needed a transplant. Tony died in February 2006 during an encephalitis epidemic at General Hospital.[3]
  • Andrew "Frisco" Jones Jr. (Jack Wagner)
    The younger son of Andrew and Cindy Jones, Frisco was introduced in January 1984 when he was hired as lead singer for the band, Blackie and the Riff-Raff. He later enrolls in the Police Academy, graduating at the top of his class and is subsequently promoted to detective before taking a job as an agent with the World Security Bureau (WSB) in June 1987. He goes missing and is presumed dead the following year, but returns in June 1989 having escaped the Bulgarian prison where he had been held and tortured. Frisco married Felicia Jones on June 20, 1986 and again on January 26, 1990 before divorcing off-screen a few years later. They share two daughters, Maxie and Georgie. He did not, however, raise his daughters due to his dangerous field work for the WSB. Frisco left town in 1995, not to return until 2013 when he tries to reconnect with his pregnant daughter, Maxie, before leaving town once again.[4]
  • Prunella Witherspoon (Chantal Contouri)
    Prunella is the cousin of Mac and Robert Scorpio. She appeared briefly in 1988 as a con artist.

Third generation[edit]

  • Robin Scorpio-Drake (Kimberly McCullough)
    Robin is the only child of Robert and his first wife, Anna Devane. Robin is raised by her mother who she only knew initially as a family friend nicknamed "Luv" and Filomena Soltini, a woman she considers her grandmother, until she is five years old. Robin eventually learns that Robert and Anna are her parents. She is raised primarily by her mother, until 1992 when she and her father are both presumed dead in a boating accident engineered by Cesar Faison and she goes to live with her uncle Mac. Robin contracts HIV from her first love, Stone Cates. She moves to Paris in 1999 and becomes a doctor. She returned to Port Charles in 2005 and began working as a Neuropathologist at General Hospital. Robin has one child—a daughter, Emma Drake, with her husband Patrick Drake. Robin is presumed dead in 2012, but is being held captive by Jerry Jacks.[5] Eventually, she's rescued by her parents and is reunited with Patrick and Emma.
  • Mariah Maximilliana "Maxie" Jones (Robyn Richards, Kirsten Storms)
    Maxie is the elder daughter of Frisco and Felicia Jones. She was born onscreen on Halloween night 1990 and was named after her maternal great grandmother, Mariah Ramirez, and her royal ancestor, the Emperor Maximillian. The character was later aged a couple of years and in 1994, a 6-year old Maxie suffers from Kawasaki syndrome and is in need of a heart transplant. When her cousin B.J. is left brain dead after a bus accident, her Uncle Tony donates B.J.'s heart to save Maxie's life. Though she adored and was adored by her father as a child, Maxie is raised primarily by her mother and her stepfather, Mac Scorpio, and as a young adult begins to resent Frisco and Felicia because she felt abandoned by them. She eventually, much later, reconciles with both. Maxie works as the Senior Editor of Crimson Magazine. Maxie has one child, a daughter named Georgie Spinelli, with Damian Spinelli. [6]
  • Georgianna "Georgie" Jones (Lindze Letherman)
    The younger daughter of Frisco and Felicia Jones, Georgie was conceived during her father's brief visit home for sister Maxie's heart transplant and was subsequently born onscreen on March 7, 1995. However, the character was rapidly aged to a teenager in 2002. Georgie is viewed as the smart, sensible sister in comparison to her feistier older sister, Maxie. She met Frisco only once as an infant, and was raised by her mother, Felicia, and her stepfather, Mac. Nevertheless, she never resented Frisco for not being part of her life, nor Felicia for not always being there. Georgie fell in love with Dillon Quartermaine as a teenager, and they were married after Dillon is infected during a deadly virus epidemic and they believed he would die; however, Dillon survived. Georgie dies in 2007 after she is strangled by Diego Alcazar, masquerading as the Text Message Killer.[7]
  • Barbara Jean "B.J." Jones (Brighton Hertford)
    B.J. was born onscreen on October 7, 1986, the daughter of Dr. Tony Jones and Tania Roskov. She was named Barbara Jean in honor of nurse Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Spencer who found Tania alone and in labor at the brownstone, and helped with the delivery. The first baby girl Jones was welcomed into the family by Uncle Frisco and Aunt Felicia, who were also made her godparents. Then suddenly, in March 1987, Tania fell victim to a hit and run driver and died, leaving her infant daughter to her family's keeping. B.J. was later adopted and raised by Bobbie, who had married Tony in 1989, and both branches of the Jones family reunited at the brownstone to raise their families. In a tragic twist of fate, B.J. dies in May 1994 after a school bus accident left her brain dead, and her heart was transplanted into her dying cousin, Maxie, who was suffering from Kawasaki syndrome. The story of B.J.'s heart is continually mentioned on General Hospital to the present day.[8]

Fourth generation[edit]

  • Emma Grace Scorpio Drake (Brooklyn Rae Silzer)
    Robin's daughter with Patrick Drake. Robin and Patrick were married a month after Emma was born. When Emma was a baby, Robin suffers from postpartum depression and is unable to bond with Emma until she receives treatment. When Robin is presumed dead, Emma deals with losing her mother, and her father's relationships with Britt Westbourne and Sabrina Santiago. She's overjoyed when her mom returns almost two years later.
  • Georgianna "Georgie" Spinelli
    Maxie's daughter with Damian Spinelli. Maxie tries to pass the baby off as the child of Lulu and Dante Falconeri after miscarrying as their surrogate. When she's born, Dante and Lulu name her Connie Falconeri II, but her true biological parents are eventually revealed to them. Spinelli gained sole custody of Connie after a custody battle involving all four parents. Maxie and Spinelli eventually renamed their daughter Georgie after Maxie's sister. Spinelli moved to Portland, Oregon with Georgie.



Family tree[edit]


Lines Boxes
  • Dashed = Romance/Marriage
  • Solid = Children
Character is currently on the Show
Character not on the Show
Character is deceased or presumed dead
Unknown Man
Unknown Woman
Felicia Jones
Mac Scorpio
Robert Scorpio
Anna Devane
Holly Sutton Scorpio
Maxie Jones
Georgie Jones
Robin Scorpio-Drake
Patrick Drake
Emma Drake


Unknown parents (deceased)
 c. Robert Scorpio
   m. Anna Devane [divorced]
     c. Robin Scorpio (1977—)
       m. Patrick Drake [2008—]
         c. Emma Drake (2008; revised to 2006)
   m. Holly Sutton [1983–????; divorced]
   m. Anna Devane [1991–92; invalid]
 c. Mac Scorpio
   m. Felicia Jones [1998–2000; divorced]
     c. Maxie Jones (born: 1990; revised to 1986, raised by Mac)
       a. Damian Spinelli
         c. Georgie Spinelli (2013—) 
     c. Georgie Jones (born: 1995; revised to 1988; died 2007; raised by Mac; deceased)
   m. Felicia Jones [2013—]


Family tree[edit]

Rita Jones
Andrew Jones Sr.
Cindy Jones
Tania Roskov-Jones
Bobbie Spencer
Tony Jones
Frisco Jones
Felicia Jones
B.J. Jones
Lucas Jones
Damian Spinelli
Maxie Jones
Georgie Jones
Dillon Quartermaine
Georgie Spinelli


Andrew Jones, Sr. (deceased)
 m. Cindy Jones (deceased)
   c. Tony Jones (1950–2006)
     m. Tania Roskov [1985–87;deceased]
        c. B. J. Jones (1986–94)
     m. Lucy Coe [divorced]
     m. Bobbie Spencer [1989–96; divorced]
       c. Lucas Jones (adopted by Tony & Bobbie, 1989-; revised to 1986)
   c. Frisco Jones
     m. Felicia Cummings [1986–1994; divorced]
       c. Maxie Jones (1990—; revised to 1986) 
         m. Matt Hunter (2012)
         a. Damian Spinelli
           c. Georgie Spinelli (2013—)
       c. Georgie Jones (1995–2007; revised to 1988; died 2007)
         m. Dillon Quartermaine [2006; divorced]


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