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The Scorpion is the name of multiple characters in Marvel Comics.

Publication history[edit]

The monster version of Scorpion first appeared in Journey into Mystery #82 (1962)

The Sam Scorpio version first appeared in Kid Colt, Outlaw #115 (March, 1964) and was a Wild West villain who fought Kid Colt.

The Jim Evans version of Scorpion first appeared in Rawhide Kid #57 (April 1967) and was a Wild West villain who fought Rawhide Kid.

Mac Gargan was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Gargan first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #19 (1964) and first appeared as the Scorpion in Amazing Spider-Man #20 (July, 1964). Years later, he became the third incarnation of "Venom" in Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #10 (2005) and the third "Spider-Man" in Dark Avengers #1 (2009). Mac Gargan appeared in the character's first own 4-issue limited series, Dark Reign: Sinister Spider-Man. The comic was released in June 2009 and was written by Brian Reed, with art by Chris Bachalo.[1] Writer Dan Slott has stated that Mac Gargan will return as the original Scorpion,[2] in an upcoming arc of The Amazing Spider-Man.[3]

Carmilla Black first appeared in Amazing Fantasy vol 2. #7 (2005).

Fictional character biography[edit]

Scorpion I[edit]

The first Scorpion seen was a giant monster. During an experiment with a bismuth isotope, Paul Rogers accidentally struck a normal scorpion with a stream of delta particles. It was mutated into a giant monstrous form and gained the consciousness to hate the human race. It told Paul Rogers and Edward Bentley that it would mutate another bunch of scorpions and take over the world. Edward managed to hypnotize the Scorpion that it was feeling the pains from the radiation poisoning. When the Scorpion begged for Paul and Edward to end its life, they complied and killed the Scorpion by firing another stream of delta particles at it.[4]

Scorpion II[edit]

Sam Scorpio is an inventor who used his "sting" (a derringer fitted to a silencer on his forearm) to terrorize the Old West. Scorpion later encountered Kid Colt while running from a 50 man posse and begged for his help. Kid Colt refused until an earthquake occurred and they hid under a boulder. By the time Kid Colt and Scorpion emerged, the posse caught up to them and they were taken to prison. While in jail, Scorpion used his "sting" on a guard. Upon grabbing the guard's keys, Scorpion forced Kid Colt to accompany him. He took Kid Colt to a hideout in the hills and wanted Kid Colt to join him. When Kid Colt asked about the secret of his "sting," Scorpion turned on him. Kid Colt shot out the lamp for cover from Scorpion's sting and Scorpion fled where he told the posse where they can find Kid Colt. Afterwards, Scorpion set up a gang where he kept them in line with his "sting." Kid Colt went after Scorpion's gang upon figuring out what his gimmick was. Kid Colt defeated Scorpion's gang and defeated Scorpion in hand-to-hand combat before he could use his "sting." Kid Colt then turned Scorpion and his gang over to the authorities.[5]

Scorpion was imprisoned in a State Prison where he was part of a chain gang with Dr. Danger and Bull Barton. When Kid Colt ended up in the same prison after turning himself over to the law. Scorpion, Dr. Danger, and Bull Barton decided that this was the opportunity for revenge. One day, they attacked Kid Colt in unison while on work detail. When a prison guard intervened, they took his gun, overpowered the guard, and broke their chains. Then they grazed Kid Colt with another bullet and fled. Across the border, Scorpion, Dr. Danger, and Bull Barton came across a town where Fred Yates (the man that Kid Colt turned himself over to) lived. When Scorpion, Dr. Danger, and Bull Barton confronted Fred Yates and his sister Susan, Fred fled in sheer terror. Kid Colt caught up to the trio, disarmed them, and saved Susan. Kid Colt then sent Scorpion, Dr. Danger, and Bull Barton back over the border to the waiting arms of the law.[6]

Scorpion III[edit]

Jim Evans is a successful apothecary in Dustville during the Old West. He began to date Sarah (the prettiest girl in town) until she began to neglect him upon stating that she already has a boyfriend in Matt Cody. Matt Cody was not pleased that Sarah went out with Jim and challenged him to a shootout. Jim drew his gun first and only managed to wing Matt in the left arm as Matt managed to shoot Jim's gun out of his hand. Matt then made Jim dance with his gun. Jim was humiliated and vowed revenge. Upon inventing a liquid paralytic that he can fire no matter where he would hit them, Jim took on the identity of Scorpion and embarked on a crime spree. Scorpion managed to hold up a stagecoach and the sound of his gun attracted the attention of Rawhide Kid. Rawhide Kid managed to tackle Scorpion who hit Rawhide Kid with a paralytic pellet and continued to rob the stagecoach where he made off with the payroll. Upon questioning the nearby town about Scorpion, Rawhide Kid learned that there had been an apothecary who had been around for four months which allowed Rawhide Kid to determine his identity. Rawhide Kid followed Jim to an abandoned mine, watched him change into Scorpion, and then confronted him. Their fight collapsed the mine and Rawhide Kid fell into an underground stream. Rawhide Kid recovered and went after Scorpion again. When Scorpion fired the paralytic pellet again, Rawhide Kid twisted Scorpion's wrist causing Scorpion to get hit by his own paralytic pellet. Rawhide Kid then turned Scorpion over to Dustville's sheriff.[7]

After six months in jail, Jim Evans managed to mix up a small amount of his stun potion in the prison workshop. He used it on a guard, grabbed his keys, and escaped from jail. Taking on the alias of Sting-Ray, Jim Evans went on another crime spree until he arrived in Bison Bend and decided to settle there as the base of his ultimate destiny as the Emperor of the West. Sting-Ray robbed a bunch of people at Bison Bend's square dance. Clay Riley and Sheriff Ben Brooks tried to stop him, but ended up victims of his stun pellets. Sting-Ray later kidnapped Sheriff Ben Brooks' daughter Natalie holding her hostage until he got the power he demanded. However, he was foiled by Phantom Rider who attacked Sting-Ray. Phantom Rider managed to defeat Sting-Ray and unmasked him after he was distracted by Natalie's shouting. The sheriff and his men arrived and chased after Phantom Rider. It wasn't confirmed if Sting-Ray escaped during Phantom Rider's commotion with the sheriff and his men or was sent back to jail.[8]

Mac Gargan[edit]

Main article: Mac Gargan

Mac Gargan first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #20 and was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. He was a private investigator who was hired by J. Jonah Jameson to find out how Peter Parker was able to obtain the photos of Spider-Man. When Spider-Man evaded Gargan, J. Jonah Jameson decided to use Gargan as a test subject for an experiment done by Farley Stillwell which led to Gargan becoming the Scorpion in order to defeat Spider-Man. Many years later, Gargan becomes a host for the Venom symbiote. After the Venom symbiote was removed from him in the aftermath of the Siege storyline, Gargan was sprung from the Raft by Alistair Smythe and outfitted with a new Scorpion suit.

Carmilla Black[edit]

Carmilla Black first appeared in Amazing Fantasy vol. 2 #7 and was created by Fred Van Lente and Leonard Kirk. She became a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. in order to find her mother.

Other versions[edit]

Ultimate Marvel[edit]

Two incarnations of Scorpion inhabit the Ultimate Marvel universe:

  • In Ultimate Spider-Man #97, a character dressed like the Scorpion appeared and attacked the mall.[9] He was revealed to be a mentally unstable Spider-Man clone that was fitted into a green armored suit.[10] This clone additionally had a mechanical tail grafted onto his spine that had the ability to shoot acid. The clone was eventually subdued by Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and taken to the Fantastic Four who eventually gave it to S.H.I.E.L.D.[11] At the end of the clone saga storyline, Nick Fury tells his subordinates menacingly to "take care of it" as he walks out of the room the clone is being held in.[12]
  • Another character with the Scorpion name debuted in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man vol 3. #6. This one is tattooed, Mexican mob boss Maximus Gargan, based on Mac Gargan, that worked with the Prowler (Aaron Davis).[13] He is shown to have very resistant skin and wields a chain-like weapon that has a tip that is shaped like the end of a scorpion's tail.[13] In his quest to become the new Kingpin, he is eventually stopped by the efforts of Prowler and the new Spider-Man (Miles Morales).[14]

Scorpion 2099[edit]

In the Timestorm 2009–2099 alternate reality of Marvel 2099, Kron Stone appears as a high school bully at Pym Academy and son of Alchemax's Chief Executive Tyler Stone. Kron was caught in the blast with Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel O'Hara) while in his classroom. Due to the blast from the time flux which was unintentially caused by his father and Jake Gallows in the past, Kron was exposed to the scorpion's particles and has the appearance of a scorpion.[15]

In other media[edit]


  • The Mac Gargan version of Scorpion appears in the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon series, voiced by Carl Banas. His creation is shown in the episode "Never Step on a Scorpion" when J. Jonah Jameson wanted Farley Stillwell to create someone who can defeat Spider-Man. It is revealed that his villainy is apparently due to the experiment making his evil nature increase. He breaks out of prison, but is recaptured in the same episode. He returns in the episode "Sting of the Scorpion" where he breaks out of prison to wreak revenge on Jameson but is defeated by Spider-Man.
  • The Mac Gargan version of Scorpion appears in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. In the episode "Attack of the Arachnoid", he was thwarted by the Spider-Friends at the beginning of the episode. When Spider-Man ends up in jail for Zolton's actions to frame the real Spider-Man, Scorpion took this opportunity to deliver payback to Spider-Man only to be defeated.
  • The Mac Gargan version of Scorpion appears in Spider-Man: The Animated Series, voiced initially by Martin Landau and later by Richard Moll. In his debut episode "The Sting of the Scorpion", Mac Gargan is a neurotic, plump and balding private eye working for J. Jonah Jameson. In an attempt to discover Spider-Man's real identity, Jameson convinces Gargan to be transformed into a capable superhero by Dr. Stillwell using the Neogenic Recombinator. As Scorpion, Gargan is able to defeat Spider-Man but before he can unmask the wall-crawler, Gargan is overcome with pain as he undergoes further uncontrolled mutations that give him green skin, yellow eyes and talon-like fingers. Believing more radiation may stop his transformation and return him to normal, Gargan attempts to gain access to a nuclear reactor but is found and defeated by Spider-Man, resulting in the Scorpion being sent to jail. Scorpion reappears as a member of the Kingpin's supervillain Insidious Six team created to kill Spider-Man though he is again defeated by Spider-Man. Desperate to find a cure to his condition, Scorpion kidnaps Dr. Stillwell but Stillwell destroys the Neogenic Recombinator to prevent the creation of other beings like Scorpion. After meeting Adrian Toomes, Scorpion kidnaps him from an exploding building and holds him hostage, believing him to be smart enough to undo the Scorpion transformation. Eventually, Alistair Smythe requires Scorpion's genetic code to further his own experiments, holds Black Cat hostage to coerce Spider-Man into bringing Scorpion to him. Scorpion eventually manages to escape Smythe's clutches and attempts to stay away from crime for the sake of his fiancée. Scorpion's final appearance is again as a member of the Insidious Six who attempt to locate the Red Skull's doomsday device for Kingpin.
  • An entirely different incarnation of Scorpion appears in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, voiced by Dante Basco.[19] This version uses a costume and weapon in a homage to the Mortal Kombat character of the same name and looks rather similar to the HYDRA costume worn by Spider-Man 2099 during his time in an alternate reality with the Exiles. While his real name is unknown, he is a student of the Elder Monk of K'un-L'un alongside Iron Fist (similar to the Steel Serpent). In the episode "Journey of the Iron Fist", he is Iron Fist's main competitor for the crown of K'un-L'un, and uses treacherous means - including a poison attack which leaves Iron Fist blind - to gain kinghood. However, Scorpion is exposed and defeated by the combined efforts of Spider-Man and Iron Fist, and subsequently exiled by the Elder of K'un-L'un. In the episode "Return of the Sinister Six", Scorpion is sprung from Ryker's Island and armored in scorpion armor as part of the armored Sinister Six along with Electro, Rhino, Kraven the Hunter, Lizard and Doctor Octopus. Serving as Beetle's replacement, Scorpion joins the Sinister Six to get revenge on Iron Fist. Scorpion fights Spider-Man and then Iron Fist once again. He also assist in the Sinister Six's group assault on Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn). After Green Goblin's rampage, Scorpion is defeated by Spider-Man. In the episode "Agent Venom," Scorpion still retains the armor and is shown to be Venom's latest host (a homage to how Mac Gargan assumed the role). Despite interference from Flash Thompson who wanted to be a hero, Spider-Man removes the symbiote from Scorpion who is then taken away by the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents. in the episode "New Warriors" Scorpion is freed from the Tri-Carrier's detention center along with Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, and Beetle. He is eventually defeated by Ka-Zar and Zabu

Video games[edit]

  • The Mac Gargan version of Scorpion also appears in the Neversoft Spider-Man, voiced by Daran Norris. This version of Scorpion says that he cannot remove his armor suit, and Jameson confirms it. He is shown in his short lived 1998 costume and appears as the first boss. Here, he is hunting down Daily Bugle Editor J. Jonah Jameson because he blames him for his becoming the Scorpion. However, Spider-Man eventually defeats the Scorpion at the Daily Bugle.
  • The Mac Gargan version of Scorpion in the 2002 multiple platform game Spider-Man video game, voiced by Mike McColl. Scorpion makes an appearance in two of the levels. He wears his short-lived blue and green armored suit. In the game, Mac Gargan was the test subject for the Oscorp MechaBioCon Scorpion project. The project was to create super soldiers. In the project, he was given Scorpion-like powers and a mechanic tail stuck to his spine and he escaped from the labs. Later on, the people of Oscorp MechaBioCon Labs sent out electronic spiders to hunt him down. As it is revealed, Scorpion has an intense fear of spiders. He encounters Spider-Man who saves him from the spiders. Gargan thinks that Spider-Man is with Oscorp, despite the fact that he helped him fend off the robots, and they have an intense battle. Spider-Man wins the battle and Scorpion flees.
  • The Ultimate Marvel version of Scorpion is referenced in Ultimate Spider-Man. Spider-Man makes a reference to him during his pursuing of the Rhino.
  • The Mac Gargan version of Scorpion appears in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, voiced by Beau Weaver. Scorpion is one of the many supervillains that Doctor Doom sends to take over the Helicarrier, but is easily defeated by Captain America, Spider-Man, Thor and Wolverine. He later returns during the heroes' trip to Asgard. He is shown guarding Tyr along with the Lizard but both are eventually defeated. Scorpion has a special dialogue with Spider-Man during the Asgard mission. He is the only villain to change his costume, as during the Helicarrier mission his costume his green and during the Asgard mission his costume is blue and green like the one he wore in the late 90's. A simulation disk has Spider-Man protecting Dum Dum Dugan from Scorpion. During the simulation disk, he makes a reference to J. Jonah Jameson being partially responsible for his creation.
  • The Mac Gargan version of Scorpion appears as one of the villains in the Spider-Man 3 video game, voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. In it, his appearance is like the costume worn at the time that Mattie Franklin was posing as Spider-Man, referred to by Chris Archer to be similar to what he would look like should he have been in a movie.[citation needed] This incarnation of Scorpion is portrayed as a tortured victim rather than a villain, being used as an apparent 'bounty hunter' by cybernetics corporation MechaBioCon to break the Rhino out of an armored van on his way to prison, and occasionally subjected to mind control to make him cooperate (although his handlers note that his work is better when he is in control of his mind). Although he is briefly used to attack Spider-Man when the wall-crawler arrives to rescue him (having seen Scorpion in action and subsequently making contact with Doctor Andrews, a member of the team that gave Gargan his implants who appears to have feelings for him), Spider-Man is able to 'trick' him into destroying the device that is controlling him, subsequently working with Scorpion to attack MechaBioCon and defeat the Rhino. After Rhino is defeated, Scorpion goes after Dr. Stillwell and tries to kill her only for Spider-Man and Dr. Andrews to intervene. Scorpion escapes as Spider-Man leaves Dr. Stillwell for the police.
  • The Mac Gargan version of Scorpion appears in Spider-Man: Friend or Foe, voiced by Fred Tatasciore. He is one of several enemies under the mind control of Mysterio. Spider-Man encounters Scorpion in a lava-filled area within the Sea Caves on Tangaroa Island. After he is freed from the Control Amulet, Scorpion joins up with Spider-Man.
  • The Kron Stone version of Scorpion appears as a villain in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, voiced by John Kassir.[20][21] Having mutated significantly, he is shown making a nest and having laid eggs in a presumably abandoned building in Neuvo Yorks mall District. He later steals the fragment of the Tablet of Order and Chaos from the Public Eye operatives causing his enemy Spider-Man 2099 to pursue him. The tablet gifts him the ability to create eggs from his acid. When Spider-Man confronts Scorpion, he mentions that he was hired by a smart lady with a green and yellow suit and metal shiny arms to steal the tablet fragment in exchange for Scorpion to become human again. Spider-Man fights Scorpion when Scorpion uses the tablet fragment's power he gains the ability emit green acid which quickly makes his eggs from which spawns smaller and weaker versions of himself. His acid and eggs eventually becomes the item of his defeat when it is used to drop debris from a previous battle on top of him. Spider-Man defeats Scorpion by pinning him down with a broken car and claims the tablet fragment. While initially Spider-Man hates his mutated foe, he considers the victory to be hollow because Scorpion stole the fragment in a pathetic, misguided attempt to cure himself. Later when Spider-Man fights Dr. Serena Patel, it's revealed that she manipulated Scorpion and there is a full size hologram of him in the lab, implying that she at least took an interest in his case or most likely use his DNA to create an army of similar Scorpion super soldiers rather than to cure him. During the credits, he is shown in jail making Spider themed cut outs while clunsily wielding a pair of scissors in his claw.
  • Scorpion in The Amazing Spider-Man video game. This version appears much like a scorpion-human hybrid villain upon Oscorp's cross-species project introducing human DNA into a scorpion by Otto Octavius.[22][23][24]

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