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Inside of Scotia Square (fountain removed in 2012)
Map of Scotia Square.

Scotia Square is a commercial development in Downtown Halifax, in the Halifax Regional Municipality Nova Scotia managed by Halifax Developments Limited. It was built in the late sixties to mid seventies. It is connected to the Downtown Halifax Link and serves as a major Halifax Transit bus terminal in Halifax.[1].

Location and layout[edit]

Scotia Square consists of a mall, a hotel, and a number of office towers connected to each other and to other buildings by pedways and tunnels. The complex is adjacent to the Cogswell Interchange, and it fronts on Duke Street to the south, Barrington Street to the east, and Albemarle Street (formerly Market Street) to the west.[1]


Pedways and tunnels[edit]

  • Pedway connecting Brunswick Street to the Scotia Square Parkade, and the west parkade stairwell. Passes over Albemarle Street (formerly Market Street).[3][9]
  • Pedway connecting the northwest corner of Scotia Square Parkade (topmost level) to Brunswick Place (formerly called Trade Mart building), which is located beside Scotia Square Parkade, on the north side of Cogswell Street.[3][9]
  • Tunnel connecting mall to World Trade and Convention Centre, as well as the Halifax Metro Centre. Passes under Duke Street.[3][9]
  • Three-level pedway going from Barrington & Duke Towers to a stairwell, which leads to parking and the mall. The middle level of this pedway joins up to the Brunswick Street Pedway mentioned above.[3][9]
  • Pedway going from Scotia Square Mall, over Barrington Street, and into Barrington Place Shops. From there one can go via pedway to Purdy's Wharf, Casino Nova Scotia, the CIBC Building, and the TD Tower.[3][9]

Future Development[edit]

A proposal has been put forward by Crombie REIT with DSRA Architects to expand the Scotia Square Complex along Barrington Street.[10] The proposed 3-story development would include street-level commercial, as well as office and retail above. The changes would bring the site into better agreement with HRM design guidelines mandating more pedestrian-oriented districts.[11]

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