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Scott Ciencin
Scott Ciencin Color 3 18 2008 -small vrs-.jpg
Scott Ciencin (2008)
Born 1962 (age 51–52)
Occupation Novelist
Genres Children's, Fantasy, Horror

Scott Ciencin (born 1962) is an American author. He sometimes writes with Denise Ciencin.


Scott Ciencin is a New York Times bestselling author who writes adult and children's fiction and works in a variety of mediums including comic books. Among his works are novels written for the Dungeons & Dragons role playing game campaign settings.[1] He has also written books for the Dinotopia series.[2] He has created programs for Scholastic Books, designed trading cards, consulted on video games, directed and produced audio programs & TV commercials, and has written in the medical field about neurosurgery and neurology. He first worked in TV production as a writer, producer and director. He lives in Sarasota, Florida.


Forgotten Realms[edit]

The Avatar Series[edit]

Originally published under the pseudonym Richard Awlinson. Ciencin shares the pseydonym with Troy Denning, who wrote part 3 of the Avatar Series "Waterdeep".

The Harpers[edit]

Robert Silverberg's Time Tours[edit]

Published under the pseudonym Nick Baron.

The Wolves of Autumn[edit]

The Vampire Odyssey[edit]

The Nightmare Club[edit]

Published under the pseudonym Nick Baron.

WildC.A.T.S, Covert Action Teams[edit]


The Elven Ways[edit]

The Lurker Files[edit]




Jurassic Park Adventures[edit]

Ciencin's Jurassic Park stories are original novels based on the Jurassic Park films rather than directly on Michael Crichton's work.


Starfleet Corps of Engineers[edit]


Kim Possible[edit]



Kim Possible: Pick a Villain[edit]

Standalone novels[edit]

Comic books and other works[edit]

Scott Ciencin also writes comic books. His credits include

Original PSP Creation for Sony and Konami


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