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Scott Fybush, in front of the base of Reginald Fessenden's Brant Rock tower

Scott Fybush (born 1972) is an American radio industry observer, writer and consultant. He is based in Rochester, New York.

Fybush is the editor of NorthEast Radio Watch, a long-running and widely read weekly paywalled summary of news about the radio and television industries in the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada, and formerly of The Radio Journal, a weekly national newsletter (formerly M Street Journal). He also edited the industry directory website "", and was a regular contributor to Radio Guide and other trade magazines.[1]

He is a noted expert on radio transmission towers, and visits radio and television facilities in the United States and beyond to photograph them for his Tower Site of the Week feature and his Tower Site Calendar.[2] He serves as a contributing editor to the legal ID website, where he posts audio clips from his travels.

Fybush is also a long-time radio news broadcaster, working for stations such as WCAP in Lowell, Massachusetts, news/talk WBZ in Boston, Massachusetts and public radio outlet WXXI in Rochester.


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