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Scott F. Lochmus is a multiple-award-winning director and producer, Scott Lochmus has spent his entire professional career in the entertainment business, mastering nearly every aspect of video and sound production, ranging from power to production to distribution. The founder of The Jack My Dog Corporation in 1996, and more recently Storyland Pictures, Mr. Lochmus provides a wide range of interlocking production services to the film, television, and the audio and visual industries, from feature films to documentaries, and from live concert television and event production. Among his highlights are:

'Barbra Streisand (Back To Brooklyn)', PBS(Great Performances), Home Video, VOD.

'Duck Quacks Don't Echo', Nat Geo comedy series.

'Il Volo - Buon Natalie' & 'Il Volo - We Are Love', PBS, Home Video, VOD

'The Joneses. Indie Feature starring David Duchovny and Demi Moore.

Previously, Mr. Lochmus served as Senior Director at Sony Music Studios, in charge of production, where he directed and produced award-winning videos of every soundtrack recorded by Celine Dion from 1996 to 2008, including her landmark duet with Barbra Streisand, as well as Dion’s “One Year, One Heart” ABC Family TV Special, and two widely acclaimed documentaries, “Let's Talk About Love,” and “Taking Chances,” among others.

During his highly successful career, Mr. Lochmus has directed the opening and closing ceremonies of The 1999 Women's World Cup starring Jennifer Lopez and N’SYNC, the ”2001 Special Olympics,” and all of Britney Spears’ early marketing videos. He also directed “The Hong Kong Harbor Fest,” a month-long music festival featuring many celebrity artists, including The Rolling Stones, Prince, Santana, and Neil Young. Further, Mr. Lochmus directed Usher’s “Project Restart,” to benefit Katrina victims, starring Alicia Keys and James Brown; and “Texaco’s Lincoln Center Jazz Awards.”

Mr. Lochmus produced “Elvis, by the Presleys,” a CBS (#1 rated) Television Special depicting never-before-seen Presley family footage, and directed the ABC Primetime Television Special “Elvis, Viva Las Vegas.” [1] He served as the Consulting Director for “Fade to Black,” a concert film on Jay-Z.[2] Lochmus recently directed Barbra Streisand’s highly acclaimed performance at the Village Vanguard, which helped to catapult her latest album to the “number one” spot on Billboard’s POP Charts. The DVD release of the Vanguard Performance will be available May 4, 2010.[citation needed]

In the feature film “101 Ways,” Mr. Lochmus was the Executive Producer; the film won a Festival Award for Best Comedy.[citation needed] And in “Winter Passing,” starring Ed Harris and Will Farrell, and in “Brothers’ Shadow,” starring Judd Hirsh, Lochmus provided production services.[citation needed] He also produced the feature film “Venus & Vegas,” starring Florence Henderson, Molly Sims, and Jaime Pressly.[citation needed] Mr. Lochmus is co-producer of “The Joneses,” starring Demi Moore and David Duchonvny. The creation of Storyland Pictures, with co-founder/partner Derrick Borte, Scott Lochmus has producer several feature films and has a slate of indie releases forthcoming..

In addition, Mr. Lochmus continues to provide production services for various corporate clients, including: Pfizer, Sony/BMG, Virgin, Warner Bros., Xerox, Chrysler and others.[citation needed]