Scott Neri

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Scott Neri
Born Guadalajara, Mexico
Nationality Mexican
Education University of Guadalajara
Known for Painting, Design, Illustration
Movement Digital Art, Surrealism

Scott Neri (born 1972 in Guadalajara, Jalisco) is a Mexican painter, illustrator, graphic designer and short fiction writer. He is a founding member and current director of the Guadalajara-based online community for artists Tomarte, and art director of EterUltra Studios.

Artistic development[edit]

Scott Neri was born in Guadalajara in 1972. He studied Visual Arts at the University of Guadalajara and Cinema at the Centro de Arte Audiovisual. His first individual exhibition named M Impresionismo Bizarro (M Bizarre Impressionism) was held in 1992. He has taken part in several collective exhibitions in New York, Madrid and Guadalajara. He has attended workshops with renowned Mexican writers José Agustín and Juan José Arreola.[1]


  • 2002 - Personal Sin Quotes - Galería Arte Estudio - Individual, M Impresionismo Bizarro - Les Fleurs du Mort, Centro de Arte Audio Visual, GDL - Individual
  • 2003 - Guadalajara en un Llano - Tomarte en Vigo, Spain - Collective, Exhibition of Mexican Art - Tomarte en Madrid, Spain - Collective, Obscure Journeys I - Jorge Martínez Gallery, GDL - Collective, Revolucionarte - Tomarte, Zapopan, Jalisco - Collective, Cinema Roxy Bar - GDL - Collective, Casa Arcos - GDL - Collective
  • 2004 - La Quema del Diablo - Casa Arcos, GDL - Collective, Puppet - La Santa Bar, GDL - Individual, Festival de las Nuevas Artes - Expo GDL - Collective, Latex - Museo de la Ciudad, Saltillo - Collective, Obscure Journeys II - Casa Vieja, GDL - Collective, 30th Anniversary of Radio UdeG - GDL - Collective, Blood of Cain - Les Fleurs du Mort, Bar Galería, Foro de Arte y Cultura, Swinger Bar Gallery, GDL - Individual, Cuerpo Presente - Museo de la Ciudad, Saltillo - Collective, Under the Skin - La Comuna Taller Galería, GDL - Collective
  • 2005 - A Lubrik Vision - Bolko Bar Gallery, GDL - Collective of erotic art, Se Busca Coleccionista Novel - Humo Gallery, GDL - Collective, I want to see Blood - Ex-Convento del Carmen, GDL - Collective, Sinner - Jadite Gallery, New York - Collective, X - Cunorte UdeG, Colotlán, Redibú Bar, Ajolote Gallery, GDL - Individual, Expo Santa Fe - Santo Coyote, GDL - Collective, La Mata Tinta, GDL - Collective, Permanent Sephirot - Opio Club, GDL - Individual

Short fiction[edit]

  • Ritos, 1997
  • Extrañas Entrañas, 1998

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