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The Scottish Church Society is a Church of Scotland society founded in 1892.

Although always a minority within the Church of Scotland, the Society has at times proved influential.[citation needed] It grew out of the Church Service Society (founded 1865), but the Scottish Church Society does not confine itself to interest in liturgies or form. The Society advocates a High Church or Scoto-Catholic[citation needed] theological approach within Presbyterianism, which emphasises the Divine nature and calling of the Church.

The Society was active in seeking and achieving[citation needed] Article 1 of the Articles Declaratory of the Constitution of the Church of Scotland, defining the Trinitarian nature of the Christian Faith and the "catholicity" of the Church. Because of its adherence to Presbyterianism and the Reformation "Scoto-Catholicism" is quite distinct from both Anglo-Catholicism and Catholics in Communion with Rome.

A notable congregation for its historic connections with the Society and with Scoto-Catholicism is Govan Old Parish Church, Glasgow.[citation needed]

Twelve former Presidents of the Society have served as Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. The current President is the Reverend Tom A. Davidson Kelly, formerly minister of Govan Old Parish Church), who succeeded the Reverend Douglas Lamb (formerly of St Margaret's Parish Church, Dalry, Ayrshire). The current Secretary is the Reverend Gerald Jones (minister of Kirkmichael linked with Straiton St Cuthbert's, in Ayrshire).


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