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The Scottish Junior Football Association, West Region is one of three regions of the SJFA which organise their own distinct league and cup competitions. The SJFA used to be split into six regions, but in 2002 they took the decision to reform into three to try and ensure more games between the top clubs and hence increase their revenues.

The West Region was formed by the amalgamation of the Central and Ayrshire regions. The league set-up in the region is a combined top division, officially known as the SJFA West Region Premier Division (12 teams), with the SJFA West Region First Division (14 teams) below. There are two regionalised District Leagues that provide the First Division with two clubs each at the end of the season. The District Leagues of Ayrshire and Central below the Super League correspond to the former two regions that combined to create the Western region. There is a Central District League (with two divisions) and an Ayrshire District League. The four teams being relegated from Division One are assigned to their historic region. Although Ayrshire presently only has one division, clubs are also promoted between the two divisions of the Central District League.

Roll of Honour[edit]

Season West Super League
Premier Division
West Super League
First Division
Ayrshire District League Central District League
First Division
Central District League
Second Division
2002–03 Pollok Arthurlie Lugar Boswell Thistle Kilsyth Rangers St Anthony's
2003–04 Kilwinning Rangers Bellshill Athletic Maybole Cambuslang Rangers Clydebank
2004–05 Pollok Kilsyth Rangers Largs Thistle Vale of Clyde Lanark United
2005–06 Auchinleck Talbot Neilston Juniors Irvine Meadow Lesmahagow Blantyre Victoria
2006–07 Pollok Irvine Meadow Kilbirnie Ladeside Kirkintilloch Rob Roy Ashfield
2007–08 Pollok Kirkintilloch Rob Roy Hurlford United Port Glasgow Vale of Leven
2008–09 Irvine Meadow Largs Thistle Dalry Thistle Rutherglen Glencairn Blantyre Victoria
2009–10 Beith Juniors Rutherglen Glencairn Hurlford United Cumbernauld United Johnstone Burgh
2010–11 Irvine Meadow Ashfield Ardrossan Winton Rovers Kilsyth Rangers Yoker Athletic
2011–12 Irvine Meadow Glenafton Athletic Maybole Glasgow Perthshire Carluke Rovers
2012–13 Auchinleck Talbot Hurlford United Kilwinning Rangers Greenock Juniors Cambuslang Rangers
2013–14 Auchinleck Talbot Troon Irvine Victoria Neilston Juniors Blantyre Victoria

Current cup holders[edit]

Member clubs[edit]

There are 63 member clubs of the West Region.

Stagecoach Super League Premier Division[edit]

Stagecoach Super League Division One[edit]

Ayrshire District League[edit]

Central District, First Division[edit]

Central District, Second Division[edit]

Cup competitions[edit]

The West Region organise six cup competitions for member clubs:

  • The West of Scotland Cup. Known as the New Coin Holdings West of Scotland Cup for sponsorship purposes, this is a knockout tournament for all West Region clubs. The competition originated as the Scottish Intermediate Cup in 1927–28 and was renamed The West of Scotland Cup following the ending of the Intermediate dispute in 1931.[7]
  • Central League Cup. Known as the Euroscot Engineering League Cup for sponsorship purposes, this is a knockout tournament for former Central Region clubs in the West Region. It was first played for in 1921–22 when known as the Glasgow Junior League Cup.
  • Ayrshire Cup. Known as the Ayrshire Weekly Press Cup for sponsorship purposes, this is a knockout tournament for former Ayrshire Region clubs in the West Region. The tournament originated in 1889–90 as the Ayrshire Junior Challenge Cup and was won for the first three seasons by Glenbuck Cherrypickers.[8]
  • Central Sectional League Cup. Known as the Euroscot Engineering Sectional Cup for sponsorship purposes, this tournament is for former Central Region clubs and is the opening competition of the season. Clubs initially compete in eight groups (sections) with the group winners advancing to a knockout competition. Based geographically, the groups comprise the same clubs each season. Matches in the group stages are played under league rules so a player is not cup-tied by turning out for a particular club.
  • Ayrshire Sectional League Cup. Known as the Ardagh Glass Sectional League Cup (Ayrshire) for sponsorship reasons, this tournament is for former Ayrshire Region clubs. Clubs initially compete in four groups (sections) with group winners and runners up advancing to the knockout stages, otherwise the format is the same as that of the Central Sectional League Cup
  • Evening Times Champions Cup. This is a knockout tournament played at the end of the season between the winners of the five West Region league competitions during the preceding season. The champions of the Ayrshire District League and Central District Second Division play in a preliminary round tie with the winners of that game joining the other three clubs at the semi-final stage.[9] The Evening Times trophy was first presented in 1896–97 to the winners of the Glasgow Junior League and has been awarded to the winners of various competitions over the years. Between 2003–2012, all ten West Region league and cup winners entered the tournament which was known as the Evening Times Cup Winners Cup.[10]

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