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The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB) is a body of the Scottish Parliament responsible for the administration of the Parliament. It also has a role in provision of services to Commissioners and other statutory appointments made by the Parliament.


The SPCB is established by section 21 of, and Schedule 2 to, the Scotland Act 1998. The SPCB ensures that the parliament has the property, staff and resources it requires in order to operate. The corporate body administers the resources of the parliament as well as the budget of the parliament. It also considers the use of parliamentary facilities and is responsible for the staffing and security of the parliament.


The current members of the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body are:

Former members[edit]


The Scottish Parliament is responsible for the appointment of several statutory positions for Commissioners and senior public appointments. The Parliament nominates individuals to the monarch, who formally appoints them to a post.

This includes the following posts:

The SPCB provides the budget for each of the above with the exception of the Auditor General.

The SPCB is responsible for nominating the following posts to Parliament:

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