Scottish Professional Championship

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Scottish Professional Championship
Tournament information
Venue Lucky Break Club
Location Clydebank
Country Scotland
Established 1980
Organisation(s) Scottish Snooker
Format Non-ranking event
Final Year 2011
Final champion(s) John Higgins

The Scottish Professional Championship was a professional snooker tournament which was open only for Scottish players. The final champion was John Higgins.


The tournament was first held in 1980. In 1981 six Scottish players turned professional, and the event was held as an eight-man knock-out tournament, with Ian Black defeating Matt Gibson 11–7 in the final. The 1982 event was sponsored by Tartan Bitter and Daily Record. The event had no sponsor in the next year and was not held in 1984.[1]

In 1985 the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association gave backing to national championships in form of £1,000 per player. However, after 1989 WPBSA withdrew their support and the event was discontinued. After a 22-year hiatus the event returned in 2011,[1] but was not held in the next season.



Year Winner Runner-up Final score Season
1980 Eddie Sinclair Chris Ross 11–6 1979/80
1981 Ian Black Matt Gibson 11–7 1980/81
1982 Eddie Sinclair Ian Black 11–7 1981/82
1983 Murdo MacLeod Eddie Sinclair 11–9 1983/84
1985[2] Murdo MacLeod Eddie Sinclair 10–2 1984/85
1986 Stephen Hendry Matt Gibson 10–5 1985/86
1987 Stephen Hendry Jim Donnelly 10–7 1986/87
1988 Stephen Hendry Murdo MacLeod 10–4 1987/88
1989 John Rea Murdo MacLeod 9–7 1988/89
2011[3] John Higgins Anthony McGill 6–1 2010/11


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