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The Scottish Standard was a weekly Scottish newspaper, supportive of Scottish independence. It was launched on 9 March 2005; seven issues were published in all.

The intention of the paper was to provide a middle-market tabloid for the section of the Scottish public that support independence. Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish National Party, wrote a column for the paper, as did other Scottish political figures supportive of independence, including Colin Fox of the Scottish Socialist Party.

It was published in Paisley. It was edited by Alex MacLeod and financed by the Belfast-based Flagship Media Group. Journalists on the paper included John Maclean (Production and Sports Editor), Allan Burnett (Deputy Editor), Nick Bibby (Business Editor), Marc Horne (Political Editor), Graham Martin (News Editor), Catherine Coyle and Geraldine Maynes (reporters), Kevin McAllion (subeditor) and Aileen Campbell (researcher).

The paper had a modest circulation of between 6,000 and 12,000 copies, which was too low to sustain the journalists, sales and administration staff who at launch totalled approximately 38.

The paper failed because it was planned to springboard off of a support base of corporate subscriptions. A 2 year canvassing operation prior to its launch identified 4000 Scottish companies who stated their willingness to provide initial support with a £75 subscription, and support advertising. However when the paper was launched, a mere 1000 followed through with subcriptions, and substantially less with advertising. Viewed with suspicion, as an alternate power base. The paper faced lukewarm support from the organisational hierarchy of the SNP. ==See also==

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