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Scottish Bus Group logo, as displayed on vehicles, timetables and such, as a suffix to the local fleetname (e.g. Western Scottish).

The Scottish Bus Group was a state-owned Scottish group of bus operators covering the whole of Scotland.

The origin of the grouping was the operators owned by and including the Scottish Motor Traction company, which were transferred to Scottish Omnibuses after nationalisation in 1948 under control of the British Transport Commission. Highland Omnibuses was added to the group in 1952.

A new holding company, Scottish Omnibuses Group (Holdings) Ltd was formed in 1961, and this was renamed Scottish Bus Group Ltd in 1963. Meanwhile the group had come under control of the Transport Holding Company in 1962 when the British Transport Commission was wound up. It went on to become part of the Scottish Transport Group on 1 January 1969, together with David MacBrayne Ltd.

Member companies[edit]

After reorganisation in 1985:

All of the operating companies were privatised in the early 1990s, with Central Scottish and Kelvin Scottish being merged as Kelvin Central Buses. Though Clydeside Scottish was remerged into Western Scottish so as to provide a healthier prospect for potential buyers, both companies ended up being sold as separate entities.

The holding company, Scottish Bus Group Ltd, was dissolved in 2002.

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