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Scottish hip-hop is the regional manifestation of the British hip hop culture in Scotland, comprising the five elements of MCing, DJing, beatboxing, graffiti and b-boying.[1]


In the 1980s, elements of hip hop culture had spread to Scotland.

In the early 1990s crews such as Zulu Syndicate, Two Tone Committee and UTI (Under The Influence) laid the groundwork for a Scottish Hip Hop subculture, rapping consciously about their own lives and problems in their own voices rather than emulating American rappers of the time. [2]

Glasgow-based LuckyMe championed hip-hop with producers such as Hudson Mohawke, Rustie and Show 'n' Prove becoming sought after by rappers seeking instrumentals. [3]

Young Fathers, a hip hop group from Edinburgh, achieved UK-wide success with their album 'Dead', for which they won the Mercury prize.


From the inception of Hip hop culture in Scotland, break dancing became a popular dance form. Castle Rocks was Scotland's biggest ever bboy competition and attracted competitors from Korea, Brazil, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway etc. and across the UK. It was established in 2005 and ended in 2012.

List of hip hop artists based in Edinburgh[edit]

Edinburgh hip hop artists include:

  • DJ U-Turn ( Scottish DMC Champion 2005)[4]
  • Reachout (producer)
  • Dead Set Gemini
  • Werd (S.O.S)
  • Deeko (SOS)
  • Jordan Butler (SOS)
  • Greg Nicolson (ODDacity)
  • Aye Q
  • DJ Nasty P
  • Dave Gunn
  • Bone def (GhostGroove Records)
  • Northern Exposure
  • Madhat McGore (MCFR)
  • Tru Factz (Dark Poetry Records)
  • Conscious Route (CCF/SOS)
  • Blasfima Sinna (You Sonix Records/SOS)
  • Han CMC (SOS)
  • Kon-Tempt (AV8 Records)
  • Simba (Rush Music Group)

List of hip hop artists based in Glasgow[edit]

Glasgow Hip Hop artists include:

List of hip hop artists based in Dundee[edit]

  • Rap crew B-PRODUCTION
  • Theholyc[6]
  • R.I.P.
  • Dungeon Dwellars (Zee & GiMiK)

Lists of hip hop artists based in Inverness[edit]

  • Spit-Dis ( Brude / John-Boi / KD / Sherbit )
  • T-E-C