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Headquarters United States
Owner North American Membership Group
Alexa rank positive decrease 2,634 (February 2014)[1]
Available in English is an integrated sports publishing company that produces both an Internet product and a print product.[2] In 2013, Fox Sports sold to North American Membership Group.[3]

Internet publishing[edit]

The Internet publishing division consists of a network of over 200 web sites that publish inside and exclusive content focusing on high school, college, and professional team sports. The network is managed with Scout’s proprietary Camelot publishing technology that allows publishers to rapidly write, cross-reference, distribute and syndicate stories and information about sports from anywhere in the world.[4]

In 2007, several publishers including the Ohio State, Florida, Oklahoma, and USC markets filed a class action lawsuit against the network[5] with these publishers ultimately affiliating with

Scout Publishing[edit]

Scout Publishing is the company’s print publishing division. It produces 40 college and professional team-focused magazines in the country.[2] Scout Publishing magazines utilize the content and audience of to develop, promote and market its monthly magazines.


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