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A scraper is an informal term to describe a modified American-made luxury/family car, usually a General Motors model from the 1980s to current vehicles, typically enhanced with after-market rims.[1] Scrapers are popular in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California, usually associated with the hyphy music and lifestyle movement. An example of hyphy is shown in the E-40 lyrics "sittin' in my scraper watching Oakland gone wild". A scraper is a general description and can refer to a number of different models cars. Popular models include the Buick Regal and LeSabre, Pontiac Bonneville, Buick Century, Oldsmobile Delta 88, Buick Riviera, Buick Reatta, Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, Pontiac Grand Prix, Lexus SC, full size conversion vans, Caprice classics, and Chevrolet Impalas. Supercharged automobiles are particularly sought after due to their high performance. Similar to donks from the south, the cars are highly customized, with large custom rims, custom paint (two-tone is popular as of 2008) and custom interior to match the paint, loud audio (called slaps) and televisions. Originally made popular by African American youth, the popularity has spread and scrapers are being driven and customized by all groups and ethnicities. Scraper cars have also inspired the scraper bike movement.[2]


1990 conversion van 


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